10 Beautiful Towns To Visit In Portugal


Portugal is such a best place at the present time. For a really long time it sat in the shadows of more well known European siblings, yet today it’s completely covered with its own brighter shines, that attracts millions of tourists to visit the coastal cities of Lisbon and Porto to be followed by the multicultural vibes, historic architecture, and awesome cuisine.

However, there is some more beauty that will rise over the pack and fill your dream to see the wonderful nature’s beauty. So, if you are a culture lover and planning for a family trip or a solo trip or trip with friends. These places are the best for you.

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These 10 most delightful towns to visit in Portugal. 


Close to Portugal’s fringe with Spain, a pile of rock ascends from the scene like a warship. Roosted along its highest reaches and encompassed by thirteenth-century dividers sits the medieval town of Marvão. 

Esteemed so wonderful and of such notable pertinence that it was highlighted in the New York Times travel guide “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”, Marvão was massively significant in the Middle Ages for its cautious area. 

Today, proof of its military past is found in the dividers and old palace. With the fundamental town comprising of perfect, white-washed houses finished off with red-tiled rooftops and fashioned iron overhangs, slice through by cobblestoned avenues. 

Its nearby area to Spain implies there’s a substantial Spanish, Moorish, and Jewish impact with the strict engineering. The head of-the-world perspectives are unmatched also. 


Named “The Most Portuguese Village in Portugal”, even the beautiful customary stone and red-roofed houses could not hope to compare to the town’s one of a kind bedrock: Monsanto has truly worked around and on a monster load of greenery secured rocks.

Houses and boulevards bend to fit around behemoth rocks, and sometimes, the stones structure some portion of dividers, roofs, and entryways. 

Meander the precarious cobblestone roads for shock perspectives on the stone houses before in the end winding up at the head of the slope, where the remaining parts of an incompletely demolished Templar palace offer all-encompassing field sees. 

Since old occasions, the peak that Monsanto is roosted on has been a key barrier area; along with eleven different towns around the nation, Monsanto was instrumental in guarding the nation against intruders. 

The town can be investigated on only a road trip, yet as it’s an approximately three-hour drive from Porto or Lisbon, make it an overnighter by remaining at one of the curious quaint little inns and getting a charge out of a pleasant supper on the grand porch at Petiscos and Granitos. 


Settled into the common amphitheater of a terraced slope in the charming Serra do Açor area, the firmly grouped places of Piódão have existed since medieval occasions generally undisturbed by the outside world gratitude to the locale’s disengagement. 

About all the houses and roads are produced using schist, a dull dark stone regularly found in the encompassing open country. This makes the uniform-dark town contrast the lavish green. The main note of disharmony originates from the white-washed church of Our Lady of Conception and the incidental blue-painted entryway or windowpane. 

A perfect town for meandering and climbing the flights of stairs to appreciate the craftsmanship of the stone houses, you can likewise go on strolls through the porches to other littler towns like Foz de Égua, a sprinkling of slope stone houses and schist connect traversing a jabbering stream that appears as though a spot out of Middle Earth. 


An enchanting town of wedding-cake white houses with brilliant trim and tile rooftops washed in ridge daylight, Óbidos is inconceivably simple on the eyes. 

Up until the nineteenth century, it was customary that the town was passed into the responsibility for approaching sovereign on her big day, a convention that began when Queen Urraca of Leon was talented Óbidos by her better half, King Leon, during the 1200s. In that capacity, ages of well off royals piled favor on Óbidos and subsidized the development of its extravagant abodes. The town is additionally spotted with curious notable houses of worship dating from consistently. 

Encircled by grape plantations and cherry plantations (which are utilized to make the area’s mark cherry alcohol), it additionally has ideal wide-open perspectives, which are best delighted in from the palace on the head of the slope, which has Moorish beginnings from the 700s. The wandering, cobblestone boulevards are excessively restricted for vehicles, so you can investigate without the commotion and clog. 

A pearl to visit consistently, March-April is particularly pleasant for its delicious spring climate, sprouts, and yearly International Chocolate Festival. 

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