10 Interesting Facts About Custom Printed Boxes

Do you have a fantastic item to sell? Hold on because there is a means of making it more engaging, successful, and attractive for the business, and that element is custom box printing. It acts as the foundation of any brand. If you utilize them in the wrong manner, it may turn around all the consequences. Remember the package is not the mean of saving and enclosing the items; rather, but they are the trigger points for the client as well—today impression matter most amongst other characteristics like product quality. So here, you will find tips to make the perfect custom packing for your items.

Before going into the details, let us agree that top-notch branding and sleek design are ideal for high-end customized boxes. Allow us to share the top 10 fantastic tips to make an outstanding package for the items.

1.     Shipping Safety

You may love the design for the box ns you want to execute it. But befouling implementing the ideas, here are questions that you need to answer

  • Will it make the item travel to the desire destination in one piece?
  • Is it strong enough to resist external factors like pressure, moisture, humidity, and others?

The questions mentioned above may stop you from proceeding and make you revise the design and material for the packs. If the object is fragile and elegant, then you need to look for the stuff that is of specific strength. So you must also print the precaution logo on the packaging boxes.

So if the item is going to present on the shelf as a decoration item, you need to make attractive boxes with liquid-based coating or UV-treated matt or gloss. Be cautious while creating a charming pattern. Do not forget about product safety.

2.     Material

The selection of materials is essential. It all depends upon the kind of time you like to secure, and you have to select the perfect stuff. For example, for perfumes, you can’t go for the think kraft box. You need thick and robust material that offers the best protection to the glass bottle. So do detailed research and choose the best material for the objects.

3.     Size

Do your items come in various sizes? If yes, then design the custom packaging according to the products’’ requirements. There is no need to create different sizes for multiple items but make 2 or 4 standard sizes depending on your articles’ dimensions. It will not only convince you but also cost-effective.

4.     Understand your Client 

One of the most critical elements in box packaging design is the understanding of the customers. It is best to do homework and mentions the region you like to target. Know their requirements, demographics, and interest. This factor helps you to decide on an excellent pattern and quality packing for them.

5.     Ergonomic


Have you heard the term Ergonomics? It is the fancy terminology utilized to show how an individual will interact and open the package. Do you know folding cartons are fun to close and open? Sometimes it frustrates the user. Why don’t you go to the frustration-free packaging?

For instance, study the Amazon frustration-free boxes. These cartons not only secure the product but also offer an easy opening.

6.     Budget

Indeed you can get the most beautiful box design for the product, but it always comes with a high cost. So while making the carton, always keep the budget in mind educate it is not one article or one-time investment.  Costly and fancy packs can make it seem like it is the one.  It will help you to calculate the finance on a considerable level.  One wrong move may cost you an arm.

7.     Competition

Think for a second if everyone places their fragrances in the rectangular bottle, then what is the difference between you and your competitor.  It will be best if you look for other structures or ways for the scents. The innovation in your secondary boxes will make the article outshine the other items on the same shelf. Choose the custom printed packaging, keeping in mind consideration the objects your rivals are working for. IF you choose a standard package, it will not offer you any profit because you do not give clients anything new.

8.     Display

Is your product linked to anything that you can place on the shelf at the office or home? Then boxes’ structure and designs matter. It will be best to look for beautiful and engaging display boxes to sell watches or jewelry. The pattern of presentation boxes completes the articles. So the counter display packing requirements vary from piece to item.

9.     Define the Purpose 

So here comes the 9th quick tip for make perfect print packaging. You need to understand the purposes. 

  • What is the usage of the packaging? 
  • Are you dispatching the item to a client at the office via the mail? 
  • Are you shipping the items to the corporate office via transport?

For the outstanding and influential box, you have to study the questions mentioned above and choose the right case for the products after that.

10.Does Custom Box Printing Represent you?

What is the purpose of custom boxes? It is not the only shield and shipping the article safely, but also much more about the impression you are imposing about the company.

So, select the boxes wisely because it will describe the brand and business. For instance, if your company supports the GO Green cause, do not forget to print eco-friendly taglines or the box logo. The same goes with cosmetic products, are you offer cruelty-free articles, then the packaging must have the logo on it. It will be helpful if you select the design that describes and deliver the brand story.

So the ten tips mentioned above will surely guide you to get the right packaging for the products.

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Here are the top 10 custom box printing guidelines that will help you boost business revenues. Get full advantage of it and design the right custom packaging.

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