10 tips to design a perfect kitchen

Well, everyone has a dream kitchen in their minds. However, the requirements are not the same nowadays. When you renovate your kitchen, be careful with the current design. You have to put some effort into designing a new layout. But, with the right kind of tips, it is possible. Opt for CCC cabinets to create a stylish yet practical space.

Moreover, use your current space wisely. Also, get rid of some of the old stuff to make space for the new ones. A kitchen design has to be relaxing as well as working. So, take some expert advice to go on with the task. Also, do not forget to create a walking path in your kitchen.

Here are some tips on how to design a suitable kitchen for your home:

  1. Look at your current design
  2. Make space for new stuff
  3. List the items you want in your kitchen
  4. Select the best layout
  5. Choose a cabinet style
  6. Make use of drawers
  7. Consider open shelves
  8. Look for the best countertop
  9. Select the material wisely
  10. Think of a color scheme

1- Look at your current design:

First of all, look at your current kitchen design. It is the time when you have to make a plan. See what does not need to be replaced. Then, decide the changes you want to make. If you are not okay with the stove and sink, redesign it. Also, change the cabinets for a fresh look. Moreover, if the counter is fine, only replace the top. 

2- Make space for the new stuff:

De-cluttering is the next step. When you remodel your kitchen, get rid of the old stuff. But, it does not mean that we throw out everything. It means to make some space for the new items, such as a corner stand or a rack. Also, see what has to be brand new. Take out all the things close to their expiry date. In this case, clear your counter too.

3- List the items you want in your kitchen:

Analyze what you need for a new kitchen design. So, it is best to make a list of items to buy. Also, keep the things that can be reused. Include every item on the list, such as the jars, appliances, cabinet details, and more. This tip comes in handy for a kitchen remodel.

4- Select the best layout:

Firstly, consider the space you have. Then, select the best layout. Also, do you want an open kitchen? Or would you prefer a close one? So, it is better to design a layout before buying stuff. Also, consider the shape of the place. Do you want an L-shaped open space? Or a U-shaped kitchen works for you?

In addition, think about the dining space too. Also, fix the place for your fridge, sink, and oven. Then, choose the items according to the layout.

5- Choose a cabinet style:

Well, cabinets are the essence of a kitchen space. No place can work without them. Therefore, choose a cabinet style for your home. It will define the area in the best way. You can design your place with CCC cabinets. From modern to traditional, you can go with any style. 

Moreover, if you like the cottage look, go for country style. But, if you prefer elegant style, choose shaker cabinets. If you want a minimal design, go for modern j&k cabinetry. It is simple yet stylish. But, for a formal place, go for a traditional cabinet set.  

6- Make use of drawers:

When you choose the cabinets, drawers are also vital. So, make use of drawers in your kitchen. They are easy to use with the soft close idea. Also, add them above the base cabinets. You can use them for cutlery. A perfect kitchen design has drawers next to vertical storage. In this way, you can make use of your space wisely.

7- Consider open shelves:

You can never go wrong with open shelves. It works for a modern as well as a traditional kitchen. Moreover, you can use the empty wall for open shelves. They look perfect in any kitchen. Plus, they are more practical. You can use them for daily use items. Also, use the open space for small pots. 

8- Look for the best countertop:

Selecting a countertop is essential. If your counter has pores in it, change it. There are many options for top surfaces. For this, you have granite, quartz, marble, and tiles. So, pick the one that suits your cooking place. If you have a busy home, look for the durable one.  

9- Select the material wisely:

So, now you have a layout for your place. It’s time to select the best material for your kitchen design. In this case, do not make a random call. The best materials are plywood and hardwood. Also, there is fibreboard and birch wood. Pick anyone for the cabinet doors from CCC cabinets. In the same way, choose the finish too. So, go for quality material that lasts long. 

10- Think of a color scheme:

Last but not least, think of a color theme for your kitchen design. These days, many people go for an all-white theme. But, you can go for contrasts if you like. So, the color of cabinets, tiles, and counter must be in sync. Then, paint the walls at the end of it. Finally, you have a kitchen ready to use.


To conclude, you can design a perfect kitchen for your home. But, you have to consider some tips for the task. First of all, look at the current design. Then, make a new layout for the place. For cabinets, go for CCC cabinets as they are durable and stylish. Also, consider a kitchen design gallery to remodel your cooking space. They can provide you with the best material.

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