10 Tips To Score Above 90 in Maths Class 10

Despite the fact that math is one of the highest-scoring subjects in Class 10, around 60% of students dislike it.

Maths as a subject can be a joy to some while a nightmare for others. Essentially, it’s for the same reason. Either they get it right or they get it completely wrong. There is no such thing as “maybe” in a language subject. That is, however, one of the reasons for subject scoring.

Many students now wonder if everyone can achieve a score of 90 percent or above.

The answer is no; not everyone is capable. However, every student hopes to achieve a score of 90 or above on their board exams. Achieving this level of achievement demands a great deal of attention, hard work, and complete focus on your studies. If you study throughout the year, you can achieve a score of 90 percent or higher on your board exams. To achieve a score of more than 90% in Class 10, however, you must be exceptionally attentive. It is not a rigorous schedule that you require, but rather smart time management.


Many people assume that having an exceptional brain is required to excel in mathematics. However, this is not the case. Math is a topic that helps students develop rational thinking and a logical attitude. It is impossible for a student to fall in love with Mathematics overnight, but there are several strategies that can help you improve your Math score.

  • Begin your preparations right now- ‘The sooner, the better,’ as the saying goes. Because each kid learns at a different rate and has varied comprehension abilities, determining when each of you should begin preparing is tough. As a result, it is usually ideal to begin exam preparation as soon as feasible. Start revising and doing as much sums as you can, immediately if you haven’t already.
  • Pay attention to formulas- Keep track of formulas, theories, and procedures in a separate file. This subject is all about equations, formulas, and practicals, therefore you should always have them on the tip of your hands which will help you during your last minute revisions.

  • Focus on Your Weak Spots- You will have a better understanding of your weak points and blunders after completing numerous question papers and mock examinations. Start diagnosing those errors; scratch them to the core, and make it your purpose to turn your flaws into strengths so that you are completely prepared for your board exams. This dedication will aid you in achieving your goal board test result.
  • Come up with your own solutions- It is beneficial to work through a variety of challenges, but you must also ensure that you solve them for yourself. Learning formulas and theories is easy but actually applying them to a sum is difficult. Make it a habit to do every sum at least thrice on your own before your exams to completely understand the technique behind it.

  • Make a schedule that works for you- The most important component of board test preparation is time management. Without a set timetable, studying will be ineffective, and you will wind up studying in a random manner, causing unnecessary confusion. As a result, for successful preparation, you must first create an appropriate study plan based on your weak and strong areas of the syllabus, and then strictly adhere to your time schedule.

  • Recognize the Syllabus- Knowing your syllabus and the weight assigned to distinct sections can help you determine how much time you should devote to each component. If you know there will be a 5 mark question from a specific section, for example, you won’t have to spend as much time on those questions.

Choosing the correct study material

Following your completion of the NCERT Class 10 Books, you should consult the top reference books for Class 10 CBSE. There are numerous reference books available for CBSE Class 10 students. As a result, candidates should be cautious when selecting reference materials for the CBSE Class 10 board test.

  1. Mathematics for Class 10 by RD Sharma
  2. Secondary School Mathematics for Class 10 by RS Aggarwal
  3. All in one Mathematics by Arihant

All of the books include fantastic content to help you prepare for your boards, as well as solutions that are easily accessed on the internet like Polynomials Ex 2A RS Aggarwal Solutions

Points to remember before the exam

This is a critical period, and certainly, around 10% of your grade is determined by how well you use this time, not only for studying but also for relaxing your thoughts. Do not sit down and begin revising the entire syllabus. Instead, take a quick look at those crucial pointers or inquiries. Drink plenty of water and eat well. Maintain a relaxed demeanour and get enough sleep to help your brain refresh and remember information more properly during the exam.

  • Try your hand at the questions you’ve done before- Before you start answering the questions, read the question paper thoroughly. It’s natural to get stuck on questions you don’t understand, but keep in mind that you only have so much time to complete the assignment. To get a good grade in math, you must first answer the questions you are familiar with before moving on to the questions you are unfamiliar with.
  • Make graphs- If you construct graphs and figures with care and precision, they can help you get better grades. You’ll need a ruler and a sharpened pencil for this. These are some of the most basic items that you should remember to bring with you because they are crucial in obtaining good grades.
  • Step-by-step response- When reviewing an answer, make sure to pay close attention to the procedures that led to you contacting the person who provided the answer.Because you can’t merely write the solution and get a perfect score in Math, focusing on the digits is a waste of time. Instead, learn to keep track of the steps involved. So, even you get the final answer wrong because of the silly mistakes, you’ll be able to score because of the steps.

Make sure you are not terrified of the topic in order to give your best performance in the Class 10 Maths Board Exams. Make it an entertaining experience instead. The only thing you should keep in mind is that in math, there are no shortcuts.

Exams is a big thing for all of us so being nervous or scared about it is pretty normal.

It’s not easy to achieve a score of more than 90% in all of your Class 10 subjects. You must be conscientious, persistent, and hardworking. Personalize your study habit, create a timetable, use these professional ideas, and get started right away.

Follow the above-mentioned advice and let us know how it helped you prepare for your exams. Best of luck with your examinations. Good luck with your studies!

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