10 Ways To Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

With the stress of toxic gasses we inhale when carrying out our daily activities, everyone deserves a decent, well-designed home where you find peace with purified air. Home renovation doesn’t mean you have to undergo those strenuous acts of structuring. Although, some renovations might require you to seek the help of a contractor to help you carry out home remodeling.

Home renovation can be costly depending on your design choice, but not to worry, we’ve come up with 10 effective ways to upgrade your home without spending extra bucks.

How To Update Your Home

1. Leave An Open Space In Your Home

A stuffy home can look rough even when it is sparkling clean; low ventilation can make depression set in, and you wouldn’t want that for yourself. Studies have shown that visitors find a home with an open space more appealing than a tight home.

You can make your living room an open space to accommodate your furniture, dining area, kitchen and probably a small pool. This can be achieved by opting for smaller furniture and cabinets to save space. 

Alternatively, if you prefer a home with large furniture, make sure to paint your home with an off-white color so it creates an illusion of space for anyone visiting.

2. Add More Lighting To Your Home

Imagine a day without sun; that would be hellish, right? I mean, you probably would think the world is coming to an end. Aside from that, it will surely affect your mood. Proper lighting in your home gives more than you imagine; it boosts your mood and creates an airy room, while a poorly lit home gives negative vibes and makes the home look cramped.

You can upgrade your home with floor and table lamps placed in strategic locations to give a luxurious view of your home to visitors. Also, add plants to beautify and purify the air. Plants in the home without sunlight, how will they grow? That is where the use of grow lights comes in; grow lights do not only aid the growth of plants indoors it also give an aesthetic appearance due to the lights.

3. Update The Cabinetry

I remember vividly when we had a topic about cabinetry in school, and we learned about types of kitchen layouts; I visited a house recently, and I thought the layouts were outdated until the cabinetry was updated; it looks heavenly. 

Irrespective of the layout or style of your home, if you’re stuck with outdated cabinetry, then your home will keep looking like a cramp. An upgrade of the cabinetry, door handles, and drawer pulls will leave a long-lasting impression on your visitors.

4. Give Your Window A Nice Treat

Most homeowners focus on other aspects of the home and forget about windows — have you tried to imagine how well your home will dazzle visitors if you pay more attention to your windows? Don’t just go for the plain panels and blinds; try something unique like bamboo shades. You can opt to match the curtain panels with the color of the home, and trust it to be breath-taking.

5. Add An Outdoor Room

Don’t settle for less when renovating your home; create more room by going outdoors. This could come in handy on a Sunday evening. Utilize the unused space in front of the home to create a pergola and spice things with aesthetic chairs, brick pavers, and a stylish outdoor rug.

6. Get More Innovative With Landscape

With the rate of trees being cut down worldwide, you will do great for your home and the world at large by landscaping your yard. Adding plants to your home gives it a decent appearance, but do well to find out about the local plants that suit your environment and how to take care of the plant.

7. Use Removal Wallpapers

Who needs the service of an interior designer when you can purchase wallpaper to give your home the looks you’ve always dreamt of. Wallpapers come with different designs and patterns and can be easily installed and removed, provided you buy quality ones.

8. Clean Up Your Bathroom

Many people will agree that the bathroom gets dirty within a few days. You don’t want a dirty and smelly bathroom to give an awful odor in your home so take time to clean the bathroom thoroughly. Yes! It’s no fun, but the sparkling result will give satisfaction.

Make sure to change the outdated items in the bathroom to make it modern and new.

9. Don’t Forget The Man Cave

Remember the ‘bro code’ always. Men love to hang out with themselves; a private time to meditate, to watch the football game and of course to have the ‘men-discussion.’ Find a room not in use in the house and upgrade it to your satisfaction; add a television set, chairs, fridge, and drinks.

10. Change The Layout

Your home might still look old after cleaning and repainting; all you need to do is to change the layout of the home. Rearrange the furniture and clear space. Try working out with a contractor for your home remodeling to ease the task and give it a professional touch.


Sometimes, after all the rigorous struggle to update your home, you still feel unsatisfied; don’t bother about it. Just clean up all over and repaint where you think you need a paint retouch.

Repainting the home will give it a new look. These are the few ways to renovate your home without spending a fortune on contracting the job to an expert.


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