Do you crave the delicious street cuisine, spicy Indian vegetables, and savory snacks in a distant place like Stuttgart, Berlin, or any other European city? When we move overseas, most Indians require Indian food to feel at home. However, finding a reputable and reasonably priced Indian grocery store in Stuttgart is challenging.

The authentic Indian food and sweets cannot be replicated in any other country due to a shortage of ingredients, regardless of how well equipped the Indian grocery shop in your city is. We need our atta, daals, Indian vegetables, masalas, and Indian snacks to settle into our daily lives truly.

Stuttgart is home to many Indian expats due to its stable economy and affordable cost of living. Most of the people are either working in the automobile or engineering sector. As it’s not easy and practical to eat outside food daily, most Indians have started preparing their meals regularly. Due to this, Indian grocery stores have opened, but most do not offer a wide variety of items to choose from.

This blog has shared some Indian food and delicacies that are not readily available in every Indian Grocery Store in Stuttgart and other parts of Europe.

11 Things That Every Indian Crave To Eat In Stuttgart


Indians and their cravings for Indian food cannot be satisfied wherever they go. From golgappa to sour pickles, dosa to poha, we miss everything. After much research and customer queries, we have listed these 11 items mostly forgotten by every Indian living in Stuttgart.

1. Basmati Rice

Rice can be a staple food for many Indians, especially east and north Indians. It is traditionally served with Indian food – ideal for dousing with rich, spice-infused curries, or you can make a tasty biryani out of it. You can now easily order quality India gate basmati rice or Annam rice from in different quantity packs.

2. Pure Cow Ghee

Ghee is used in cooking vegetables and applying it to chapati. Not only this, but many Indians use desi ghee in rituals and puja. It has led to the stock of pure cow ghee in the online Indian grocery stores list. 

3. Chapati and Mix Flour

Online Indian grocery stores like Dookan give you multiple options for flour-like, Aashirvaad Multigrain atta, or Swagat Chakki Fresh Atta. Not just this, but you can also buy corn flour, ragi flour, kuttu ka atta, or bajre ka atta of the best quality and at affordable prices.

4. Sweets

With the Holi festival around the corner, followed by many others, some Indian grocery stores in Stuttgart give a long list of Indian delicacies. The list includes Gulab Jamun, rabdi, Rasgulla, Besan Ka Ladoo, Soan Papdi, Rasmali, etc.

5. Dry Snacks

After living in India, dry snacks are an essential part of every Indian’s life. From Hadilram’s Mathi to roasted foxnuts, from banana chips to dry samosas, we have been missing everything as all-day and mid-night snacks. You can buy the complete range of your favorite Haldiram’s products from

6. Fasting and Upvas Products

To make you feel homely and still connected to rituals and celebrations in a foreign land, some online Indian grocery stores provide sago seeds, peanuts, and singoda flour which can be used to prepare your fasting meals.

7. South-Indian Food

Just looking at a picture of yummy masala dosa with spicy hot sambhar can make you dream about a trip to India. Not to worry anywhere, you can get ready-made dosa, idli, and vada mix, to enjoy an authentic South-Indian meal in just a few hours. Other than this, you can also get poha mix, handva, and kheer mix at the best prices.

8. Authentic Spices and Herbs

From a simple vegetable to any delicious Indian cuisine, spices have added a rich and flavourful taste to all your meals. With the growing Indian population and continuous demand for fresh and ground spices, many stores now keep a variety of readily available herbs in Indian grocery stores.

9. Pickles

Pickles and sauces are vital components of Indian cuisine; they add flavor to regular foods and snacks. You can enjoy your chapati with just an Aam Ka achar or Green Chili Pickle after a long tiring day at college or the office.

10. Spicy Indian Vegetables An online Indian grocery store in Stuttgart gives the choice of paneer, dal, and other typical Indian vegetables. Enjoy calling your other Indian friends and family for an Indian feast and treat them with hot chapati and delicious veggies.

11. Street Food

Lastly, how can we forget to eat our favorite puchkas or bhel puri from our local street vendor? It is something you won’t find at all in the streets or even in restaurants in Stuttgart.

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