11 Tips To Help You Get Better At Rocket League

Rocket League is not a new game. It was released in July 2015, but its popularity has not diminished. In fact, it seems that it will only continue to be popular, possibly because the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) signed an agreement with NBC last year and broadcast the game on live TV.

But be careful. The entry barrier for Rocket League is very low, but it is difficult to leave the game once it has started. These games are short, fast and addictive. Once you pick it up, you will be obsessed with getting better, start humming the beats of the main music in your mind, and dream of revenge for the guy who kept showing last night (Rocket League mechanics blow up opponents and you Get on the car together).

If you want to be better in the Rockets League, the first step is not to work so hard and don’t forget to have fun. What’s the point if you give it up?

Customize camera settings

Before heading to the arena, spend some time in practice mode, not only to be familiar with the game mechanics, but also to set up the camera. You can change the distance from the camera to the car, field of view, camera angle, etc. All of these affect what you see in the game. Everyone has slightly different preferences for their appearance. Personally, I say that the more I watch, the better.
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Learn to rotate

At the beginning, positioning is the most important thing to pay attention to. It seems that everyone has been chasing the ball; it felt like sheer chaos for a while. (To be fair, it does sometimes.)

However, once you play the game for a while, you may start to notice a pattern aptly called “spin”. When you and your teammates rotate correctly, whether it’s 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, the goal shouldn’t be left unattended. When one or two players come forward to attack, one player must remain defensive. This becomes more tricky when playing 2v2, but you should adjust the same principles to ensure that someone is always looking for your goal.

Don’t underestimate the handbrake

The handbrake is my tool for pushing and jumping. It allows you to quickly skid and rotate your car to locate it, and it helped me score many unexpected goals. Get familiar with it and use it to your advantage.

Don’t chase the ball

Every time the ball approaches you, instinct tells you to hit the ball. It happens, and sometimes instinct takes over. However, if you are tracking a rotation, you must (very quickly, in flight) assess who is in a better position to face the ball. In many cases, you will find that it is your turn to shrink and defend. Even if not, supporting defense is usually the best and safest option.

Even if you turn around to chase the ball correctly, your teammates may have a better angle. Instead of pooling the ball (and inevitably a strange bounce on the court, back to your goal) step back and let the teammate with the best angle try. In many cases, this will prepare them for better passes and may even win you an easy goal. The art of “putting down the ball” is a valuable lesson worth learning.

Go Over Shooting

When building above the chasing point of the ball, sometimes you will find yourself in a very clear shooting situation. The urge to “break their axe” with a pathological target can be very strong. If another team comes back to defend, please restrain the urge to shoot. They will be ready and waiting for almost anything you can throw to them.

Instead, pass the ball to one wall or another, then pass the ball to one of your teammates, where you can be creative. The chances of strange rebounds, passing the ball out of reach of the defender, or doing unexpected things are much greater than the chances of accidentally scoring a goal on a few defenders.

Find teammates

Whether you are in a qualifying or casual game, one of the best things you can do is find someone to play with. Not only will this reduce the chance of one of you getting angry when things get tough, but you will also learn to predict the actions of others better than any random teammate.

This alone will increase your chances of winning. When you line up without a teammate, you may encounter teammates who are still frustrated with recent defeats, are in a bad mood, or don’t know how to rotate properly. It must not only be one of them. Everyone’s style of play is different like in pgslot. They can understand their teammates, and hope their next move will be of great help to your own progress.

Maintain valuable power

Power is a valuable resource of the Rocket League. Although he recovers quickly, he often finds that he has nothing, trying to return and defend his goals.

You can “jump forward” by holding the joystick forward and pressing the jump button twice, instead of using momentum all the time. If you do this multiple times, you can reach the same top speed as the boost (you just can’t maintain that speed or maneuver quickly or easily).

Learn how to use both effectively in different situations to reduce the number of times you get into an unpowered state. Stealing momentum from opponents is also a good strategy, as long as you don’t avoid their ways or break the rotation to do so.

When in doubt, defend

Whether it’s a rotation issue or whether you should swing to gain momentum before heading towards the target, you almost always make mistakes on the defensive end and then worry about momentum.

Your teammates will understand that you missed an unmotivated stop (at least a chance to stop), not that you left the goal to gain motivation and lose defensive opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to demonstrate.

This is called demolition, and it is a very divisive strategy in the Rocket League. Some people play the role of law enforcement, and navigation is only for cars. If done well, it can open many loopholes in other teams’ games. Doing it wrong may poke holes in your own gear rotation. (He can’t make many friends either.)

Other players usually complain in the quick chat when they are demolished, but there are also some times when a trial play can change the momentum of the game. I recommend using demolition as a tool. Don’t use it on purpose, but if you have a chance… go! And try not to get too angry when it happens to you: some player demos are to get under your skin and get you out of your game.

Don’t be too obsessed with aerial and aerial dribbling.

You will also see them bring the ball to the wall, bounce and “dribble in the air” towards the goal. When you level up and start playing with more skilled players, add a whole new element to the game.

Both are skills that require a lot of practice and dedication. Being able to fly into the air to hit the ball is something that anyone who wants to make progress in the Rockets League should learn. But don’t worry too much about learning these skills early, learn the basics first. So far, after more than 900 hours of recording in Rocket League, I am only now starting to get better in terms of antennas. The dripping air has not even appeared in my sight.

Don’t feed poison

poisonous players are rampant in the Rockets League, whether in qualifying or non-qualifying. For teammates who have already started the game, there is nothing you can do except not participate and stick to the game plan. But if things escalate, you can use the reporting tool and hope for a better game next time.

The real advice here is to pay attention to your behavior. A few sarcasm “Really help!” Quick chat messages usually don’t break the balance. But it is easy to be sucked into the toxic minefield, even if I sometimes struggle. When I realize that I am getting hotter, it is usually accompanied by a few drops or even worse games. It’s best to walk away or disable chat altogether.