13 Ways to Save Business Money with VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is often seen as a cost-effective way to communicate for businesses. In addition to saving costs, some companies also claim that they can save time and improve productivity through using VoIP services.

VoIP has become increasingly popular because it offers low rates, flexibility, and reliability. Many companies now use VoIP as their primary communication solution instead of landline phones.

“VoIP services provide high-quality voice communications over the internet at very low prices,” according to ‘The Guardian’. This means that businesses can cut down on long-distance charges by using VoIP services.

Also, with the apps like Utility Bidder, you can further reduce the cost of VoIP by choosing a competitive service provider. Apps like Utility Bidder compare the prices of utilities from various service providers so that businesses can cut down their utility bills by switching to cheaper utility providers.  

Ways to save business money with VoIP

Here are the 13 ways to save business money with VoIP:

  1. Lower your monthly bill

All the internal calls made under the VoIP network are generally free. If you are on the same network as other VoIP users are, all the external calls are also free. Hence, VoIP services functionally lower down the phone bills.

On top of that, most providers offer discounts if you pay your bill in full each month. Some plans even allow you to pay per minute or hour depending on the plan you choose.

  1. Cut down on long-distance charges

With VoIP, calling anywhere is cheaper than traditional phone service. For example, if you call someone from New Jersey to California, you will likely have to pay more than $100 just for the long-distance charge alone. However, with VoIP, the same call would only cost around $15-20 dollars.

  1. Reduce employee costs

Companies usually spend thousands of dollars every year on employee benefits like telecommunication services. With VoIP, most employers no longer need to pay for these expensive services. 

Instead, they can simply order calls through the provider’s website and set up an account. Employees then receive their unique login information which allows them to make unlimited calls without incurring additional fees.

  1. Improve productivity 

Some experts say that using VoIP could help increase worker efficiency by allowing employees to work remotely. 

If employees can avoid having to travel back and forth between office locations, they can do so much more work while still staying connected to clients and colleagues by Video-conferencing and shared screen collaboration. 

  1. Stay competitive

As technology becomes more affordable, many companies are finding themselves falling behind competitors that are offering more advanced solutions. According to the International Data Corporation, VoIP will account for 40% of all data usage in North America by 2025. VoIP is becoming one of the best ways to stay competitive.

  1. Make it easier to work remotely

As we mentioned before, VoIP allows employees to work virtually from any location. This option is ideal for those working out of town since they don’t have to worry about traveling into the city.

  1. Maintain flexibility

Many businesses have a strict policy when it comes to remote workers. They often require employees to be physically present at the company’s offices during certain times. 

With VoIP, however, an employer doesn’t have to worry about this issue. They can simply set up an online schedule that tells employees what hours they should be available and when they should be off.

  1. Set your rates

VoIP offers flexibility when it comes to setting your rates. Unlike traditional telephone services, VoIP providers allow companies to choose how much they want to charge for local and long-distance calls.

 Some even offer free trial periods where customers can test out different pricing plans before committing to a long-term contract.

  1. Increase customer satisfaction

VoIP works well with mobile devices. Users can access their calling service via their phone or tablet. The user experience is much better than traditional landlines. People who use VoIP also tend to rate their satisfaction higher than those who use traditional telephone services.

  1. Avoid expensive equipment

While VoIP is relatively inexpensive, many people assume that it requires expensive equipment. In reality, most VoIP services come with standard internet connections. Companies only need high-speed internet connections to run their business.

  1. No longer need a phone number

Traditional phone numbers cost money to maintain. This means that you’re paying monthly fees just to give someone a way to reach you. VoIP does away with the need for a physical number. You can now use your email address instead.

  1. Choose what works for you

No matter if you decide on a hosted solution or a self-hosted solution, there are countless choices for both. Choosing the right provider will depend on your needs and budget. 

If your business has specific requirements, such as a special conference system or call center, then a custom solution is probably best for you. These solutions are designed to meet your unique needs.

  1. Stay competitive

Companies who opt for VoIP usually do so because they want to stay competitive in today’s market. Traditional telephone services are becoming increasingly outdated. Many consumers prefer using smartphones over landline phones. VoIP gives businesses another option.

How to get the best deals for VoIP?

With so many service providers in the market, it becomes difficult to assess the best deals. With Utility bidder, users can easily make comparisons and select the best deal based on their utility usage.

Utility Bidder is an effective way to compare the prices of various utilities like electricity, gas, water, etc. It helps users find the cheapest utility in their area and save up to 15% on their bills. 


VoIP is one of the latest technologies in telecommunication. It allows small and medium-sized businesses to easily connect multiple locations without spending thousands of dollars. VoIP technology lets users enjoy the benefits of phone calls while saving them time and money. VoIP provides reliable service at an affordable price.  

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