2 Best Mobile Tracker Apps that Help To Spy Target Device

Mobile tracking is becoming a hot tech demand in recent years. With the evolution of technology, the parents pressingly look to monitor their kids’ activities’ over the phone because almost all the kids use mobile phones nowadays.

The need for monitoring the kids evolve as the unsupervised use of social media and the internet is hurting the kids socially and morally in some cases, which are reported.

It is found that kids using unsupervised internet and social media are more prone to the threats of cyber bullying and harassment.

Moreover, the unverified users over the social networking apps look to exploit kids in many ways, by pressing them to share the financial credentials of their parents and much more, which can prove to be deadly for the family interest.

On the other side, employers also seek to track all the activities of their employees, as productivity issues are raising day by day.

The employers are growing concerns as in a few cases, the business progress decline due to inefficiency of employees, as some employees spend the working hours only streaming music and videos.

Additionally, the reported instances of allegations of harassment by the female coworkers on the male colleagues force corporate owners to keep a watch on the employees by tracking their mobile phones.

So, the mobile tracker is the solution to the needs of the employers and parents in the said circumstances. The mobile tracker extensively records each and every bit of communication taking place through the target phone.

There are number of spying services that claim to track mobile phones but most of them end up in no deal. An extensive review of theonespy and ogymogy is conducted and these two found to be the best in spying business right now.

TheOneSpy was found in 2011 and provide solutions related to Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac OS monitoring.

OgyMogy was incorporated in 2014 and is mainly targeted at serving parents for child monitoring; it provides and extensive surveillance solution to monitor kids’ activities over Android and Mac OS devices.

We will have a look at the offerings of both mobile tracker apps.

TheOneSpy – Best Mobile Tracker for Kids and Employees

Tracking Location of the Target Phone

The location of the target phone can be monitored using TheOneSpy app. The app allows identifying the pin-point location of the target user accurately. The kids can be tracked in real-time using this feature if they are not getting connected; the feature adds to the safety and security of the kids as well in this way.

The feature is of great value for the employers as well; if the employee’s activities are looking to be suspicious, the movement of the respective employee can be tracked to know if the person is looking to harm the business interests by sharing the business secrets with unconcerned people.

Social Media Apps Monitoring

The social networking apps can be monitored comprehensively using TheOneSpy mobile tracker app. All the chats, multimedia, voice notes, and documents shared over Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Line, Instagram, and Snapchat, can be spied on without any hassle by the end-user.

Spying on Internal Storage

The entire internal storage of the phone can be spied on using the spy app. The images, videos, contacts, calendars, appointments, browsing history, and other browser features can be extensively monitored.

Website Blocking

The specific websites can be blocked using the apps. The parent can block specific websites that are known to be a source of inappropriate content for the kid, whereas employers can restrict access to the websites that are streamed during the working hours that affect productivity.

For a detailed view, you may visit theonespy.com.

OgyMogy – Efficient Mobile Tracker for Kids and Employees

The mobile tracker app OgyMogy provides all above-mentioned functionalities, but the service is not limited to only these features.


Geo-fencing is one of the most promising features of the app. The app allows the end-user to restrict the movement of the target user to the specific locations, the target user, if visits the prohibited locations, the end-user get notified of the activity through email.


The keylogger features enable to identify the password of all the installed apps on the target phone using keystrokes.

For a detailed view, you may visit ogymogy.com.


So, going around all that discussed, it is rightly said that TheOneSpy and OgyMogy are the best mobile tracker apps that serve the purpose of employees and parents in all aspects and fulfill all their needs.

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