Depending on your dating requirements, things have changed for the better in the past few years. Specifically, the last year brought unpredictable challenges. People were locked in, away from parks, bars, and even restaurants. Everything, including church worship, was carried out virtually. 2021 brought challenges that were well-received and accepted.

Change is Necessary

These changes were necessary for a few reasons. Though the pandemic brought with it tough times, many learned the value of real relationships. Several marriages ended in divorce and some relationships never took off at all. Men sought Slavic babes from and found love, or heartbreak, depending on needs. These trying times created lessons learned, and the changes are all welcome. So what’s changed in the dating world this past year, and how is 2022 panning out for daters worldwide?

Online Dating

Flirting and dating on the internet have become a trend, and normal. The stigma of getting online to secure lustful fun, or love, is no longer frowned upon. Young and old are finding real, genuine love among Ukrainian women daily, with little effort.

When the world was tucked away in homes, the internet presented an opportunity not to be lonely.

This opportunity has given several men and women hope for a brighter future. Even with lockdowns removed, many still embrace online, hoping never to stop. It has made finding like-minded people worldwide easier and has taken the burden of courtship off the table.


This has been a hurdle most couples struggle to get over. Meeting men in the past that lied about having families was a saddening trend. Nowadays, time wasting is not appreciated at all. Many wish they could sue another for wasting their resources. On a lighter note, most men lay all their baggage on the table, leaving the woman to decide if they are in or not. This saves both parties lots of time, and resources in the process.

This honesty helps with other aspects of relationships too. Some men are okay dating a woman with kids and marrying her. And vice versa is true for some women too. It has led many single women and men to link up, and plan marriages. Kids from past marriages are no longer an issue.

Dating Requirements

These have changed drastically, perhaps for the better. With tougher times have come fewer  expectations from men, especially physical attraction. Members no longer prioritize physical traits and good looks over stability. If a man can take care of a family and seems like he would make a good husband, that’s a green light. The lady won’t hold back based on looks, or other physical shortcomings.

While some ladies seek foreign men for money and lavish lifestyles, some are hoping for better livelihoods. With Slavic women home has become a tad frustrating. Low living standards make it hard to be happy. These ladies now seek a way to better living, with foreign men who treat them like queens. It used to be that men would seek European women for visas, but times changed.

Staying Vigilant

No list of goodies is complete without a few bad apples. The changes in the dating world are not all good, thus it is important to highlight growing, disturbing trends.

  • Scammers are rife online and in local bars. Most are hoping to get money for nothing, thus online dating needs to be tried carefully.
  • Some young men are no longer interested in work. They instead hope for a mature, rich woman to have as a sugar mummy. Being coy, and extremely well-spoken, they blind any woman into thinking it is real love. These are some disturbing trends to be wary of in 2022.

Stay vigilant as you seek a pal for long-term relationships locally, or overseas. Ukrainian babes are a dime-a-dozen online, but one needs to tread carefully. The profile you are admiring might not be as genuine as you think.