3 Harmful Tactics Of An Insurance Company After A Car Accident!

The main job of the insurance adjusters is to settle the claim for money. People misunderstand the concept of insurance and its policies. The insurance company will pay the actual claim amount, thus minimizing the profit. Common people are unaware of such tactics of insurance companies, and hence they get paid a small amount for their accident claim.

When a person gets injured in a car accident, the insurance company tries to reach that person as soon as possible to settle the claim. The company will first offer a very small amount of money to the insureds and convince them that their claim amount is less valuable than it is. Sometimes, the insurance company disputes their clients’ liability when the police investigation and witnesses say otherwise. In this situation, the insureds pay nothing for their accident claim. Thus, the car accident victim should reach a personal injury lawyer for help. A best car accident attorney in Knoxville can recover damages from the insurance company that far exceed what the victim might be able to recover on their own.

Tactics used by insurance companies after a car accident

Here are some dangerous tactics of an insurance company to manipulate the innocent victim to pay less insurance money.

Tactics used by insurance companies

Pretending to be friendly

Most of the time, the insurance adjusters seem so friends and cooperative. They ask about the victims’ losses in a car accident and sympathize with them. The insurance adjusters also ensure the car accident victim that they will help them in the best way to recover their financial damages. In a real sense, the main reason behind this friendly attitude of the insurance adjusters is to make the clients comfortable and trustworthy to speak openly in front of them. The insurance company uses the victim’s statement to pay less insurance. Thus the only solution to make a straightforward argument with the insurance company is to hire a personal injury lawyer. A well-experienced lawyer will use the given information to discuss financial damages with the insurance adjusters on behalf of the victim and claim the appropriate amount of money.

Quick settlement by offering money

Another tactic of an insurance company to deal with car accident victims is to offer a small Amy of insurance money to cover the situation quickly. The reason behind doing so is that insurance adjusters know that a quick offer can make the victim convincing because the person is going through financial damages. But the victim of car accidents loses a sufficient amount of money in haste and hassle. Hence, the victim of a car accident needs to know that at the beginning of the insurance claim, neither the adjusters know the exact amount of financial and medical damages nor the victim himself. Thus it is no use to hurry and accept the small amount of money offered quickly by the insurance company. The best way to deal with insurance company tactics is to consult a personal injury lawyer. Let the best car accident attorney in Knoxville will deal with your insurance claim for financial damages after a car accident. A personal injury will make sure to recover a suitable amount of money from the insurance company to fulfill your financial damages.

Denying the victim’s claim

Sometimes, the insurance company denies the claim of car accidents victims on no grounds. Such incidents happen when the car accident victim tries to deal with insurance adjusters by themselves. Thus the only way to protect yourself from such low tactics of an insurance company is to let the car accident attorney handle your case. The victim needs to provide minute detail to the lawyer about the accident and damages and also involve the police in the matter to collect evidence. The lawyer will then use police reports and evidence to prove that the insurance claim for damages is rightful, and the insurance company can not get over it by simply denying the claim. 

Denying the victim's claim

Bottom line

An insurance company can easily let go of the car accident claim by using such tactics. A car accident victim is already going through so many terrible things that he even can not recognize the positive behavior of insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters manipulate the miserable car accident victim to pay a small amount or neglect the claim based on false statements. Thus the victim needs to be aware of such dangerous tactics of an insurance company and doesn’t fall prey to them. The only way to deal with an insurance policy safely is to consult a lawyer and let that lawyer handle the insurance company. Contact now at (770) 733-0909 to schedule a free appointment with Knoxville’s best car accident attorney.

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