Wardrobes are a somewhat secret part of our lives. It is not so much about the clothes, because we wear those every day, but it is more to do with how we manage and maintain our closet that can say a lot about us.

If you have an immaculately organized closet, there is a good chance you have been inspired by anorganizing influencer, or you are one of them yourself.In this case, you might be looking to see if there are any tips you have missed.

However, if you are like most of the population, where a closet is a place where everything gets chucked, squished, and forgotten in the name of a tidy room, this is what you need to do to tackle it.

1)   Get it All Out

The best way to begin any kind of organizing is to get it all out and put it in one place. For your closet, it is advised that you put down a sheet to protect your bedsheets, and dump everything you can find in your closet onto your bed. This way you can see everything you have in front of you and you can start to sort out what you want to keep, and what you think might just not be for you anymore.

2)   Keep, Bag, or Throw

There is an art to sorting through your stuff, and this three-point method is a fine one at that. Create three piles in which you can throw your belongings at quickly to help the process move quickly. You can even add a 4th pile if you are deliberating over a piece of clothing or an accessory. It is simple. Everything you want to keep goes in the keep pile, everything you can donate to charity or a thrift store can go in a bag, and anything that is not good enough to be passed on to someone else can go in the ‘throw’ pile. It is worth noting here that you can recycle lots of textiles, so check what you can recycle before heading straight to the trash.

3)   Invest in Useful Accessories

It is difficult to be organized without some form of tools, gadgets, or accessories to keep everything in its place, so investing in some accessories that are designed specifically for this can help. Anything such as a good quality plastic hanger from mainetti.com to shelf dividers or hanging pockets can help keep everything together and in a place where you want it to be.

You might also be interested in getting your hands on some accessories for when clothes come out of the wardrobe too, such as a clothes brush or a handheld steamer. These can keep you looking as fresh as your wardrobe does.

Decluttering your wardrobe is good for your bedroom and good for your mind – just take it one step at a time and create the clothes space you have always wanted. Don’t forget to recycle where possible.