When you have a loved one who is handicapped in some way or another, it can leave you wondering just what you can do to help make their life easier. Seeing a loved one struggle with an existing or a new condition can be frustrating, and you might actively be seeking out ways to improve their quality of life.


While the most important thing is to leave the professional care and medical attention that your loved one needs to the experts, there are plenty of routine things that can be done in order to help bring about a better quality of life for them at home. In this day and age, there are a variety of products and devices that can go a long way to helping those who need a bit of assistance with mobility and getting around.


Whether your loved one lives in your home with you or if you simply want to help make their home more accessible for them, here are three ways in which you can do just that.


1. Find a WAV


Wheelchair-accessible vehicles, or WAVs, are specially designed cars intended for those who use a wheelchair to get around. While there was once a time when getting in and out of a vehicle was a physical challenge for a person in a wheelchair, a WAV makes such a task easier than ever before.


Generally speaking, a WAV will be equipped with either a ramp or a lift of some sort that can be stowed away easily within the vehicle itself. Depending on your loved one’s particular situation, the vehicle they use might need a few other modifications.


If you are interested in getting a WAV for your loved one, you can find a range of options at alliedmobility.com.


2. Address Glaring Issues With Their Home


Another area that might need to be addressed when it comes to caring for a handicapped loved one is safety in the home. Their house might have a number of hazards or safety concerns that need to be fixed.


If you have concerns about your loved one’s living situation, it is a good idea to call in an expert to evaluate things. There are modifications that can be made to rooms like the bathroom and kitchen to make them more appropriate for someone in their specific situation.


3. Be There for Them


The most important assistance that you can offer a handicapped loved one is that of being the person they can turn to when they need to be heard. If their condition is a new one, they might be working through quite a few emotions about the situation. By being a dependable and supportive presence in their life, you can help them to adjust in a healthy manner and become more comfortable with their new way of life.


The feeling of being isolated is a common one for those with certain disabilities. Offering your friendship and support is something that can go a long way to helping your loved one.