The type of desk you choose for your office will depend on a number of factors. You need to figure out the level of privacy you want, the amount of space you have available in your office, and how many people will be using that desk.

In this blog post, we’re going to help guide you through four different types of desks so that you can choose one that’s right for your needs.

1) L Shaped Desk: This desk offers plenty of surface area as well as lots of privacy. They’re a favorite among small offices and can fit in spaces where other types won’t go.

Pros: They can be easily converted into a standing desk. Sitting at your workstation is not as appealing an option when you’re working harder than normal. You don’t have to worry about the drawers in a standing desk getting in the way when you open them.

Cons: Its relatively narrow depth and lack of versatility make it less useful where space is tight. It does not fit well with cubicle/cubicle-like layouts based on workstations and more offices that wrap around a central office suite. It’s also difficult to store anything under your desk, since the surface area is so small.

2) L-Shaped Standing Desk: This style of desk looks a lot like a regular desk, but it’s really designed to let you stand at it while you work. It has more storage space and is a nice combination of privacy with usable space.

Pros: You’re able to save all your distractions in the drawers or below your standing desk so you can be productive when you want to be. It’s portable, so you can take it with you if your workplace moves around frequently. It gives the illusion of being taller than it is, so those in the cubicle farm office won’t think that this is some sort of weird table for one person (which happens quite often).

Cons: Standing all day can be exhausting and can lead to back, leg and health problems (not to mention your coworkers will think you’re not trying hard enough!) It is a relatively new concept, so the quality of it is still being determined. You’ll need to make sure that the design has a sturdy and stable base for you to stand at for hours on end.

3) Desk With Storage: The desk with storage does exactly what you’d expect: It gives you more storage space, where it’s most useful. While it tends to be used in offices where privacy isn’t much of a concern, these desks tend to get referrals from customers who want something professional yet personal.

Pros: It provides a great deal of storage space; you can easily store files, binders, books and other office necessities. The surface area is very large, so you can spread out the legs in different ways and still have lots of room on the work surface. And if you’re using a standing desk while working and need to access your files quickly or put something away between sessions, the storage space below will be perfect.

Cons: While it has plenty of storage space, it tends to be just a little too large for some users’ needs. If you’re constantly storing paper documents or other office supplies on your desk, this might not be the right choice for you

4) Corner Desk: This is a desk that will fit perfectly in your office corner, giving you more room to spread out and keep all your equipment. If you’re going to be working with two people who will be sitting next to each other, it’s the ideal choice because it allows for more leg room.

Pros: The space around the sides of this desk is just as large as the work surface, so there’s plenty of area available for storing things below. It also isn’t too large (unless you’re using it as a standing desk), so it won’t consume valuable space in your office. If you’re using an executive office, then this type of desk is a perfect choice.

Cons: The top of this desk is smaller than the surface area on most other desks, so you won’t have quite as much room to spread out your paperwork.



No matter which type of desk you choose, be sure to measure your space and find the right one that fits your work environment. If you’re not sure which type will work best for you, arrange a free consultation with an office planning company that specializes in desks to find one that’s right for your business!