Employers are going above and beyond to make sure that they can hire the right people with the finest quality of background and also be capable. This is very important, seeing that the pace of completion in the world we live in is escalating. But hiring is not the only thing that employees have to focus on. After hiring, employers should also make sure that they can provide the best workplace for their newly hired staff—to make sure that the space is conducive to productivity. This is as important as the process of hiring.

Why Is Workspace Productivity Important?

Your workspace is the main area where all of your employees will be stationed. They will typically spend 8 hours per day in the office, not counting when they need to pull the all-nighter when there is an urgent project. Therefore, to build a workspace that could promote maximum productivity, you must create a setting where employees can concentrate on their work and give their best effort. Having your employees able to deliver a good quality of work in due time, will definitely be an important aspect to build a successful company.


If your workspace is not comfortable, your employees might be prone to be distracted during working hours. If your workspace is not clean and well-maintained, it may eventually affect your employees’ health, forcing them to take sick leave. All of these things mentioned above might affect the productivity of your employees as well as your company (if you let this condition happen for too long).


How To Set Up A Productive Workspace In 4 Ways

You might be worried that your company does not show as an office that promotes a productive work environment for your employees, so you want to make changes to better improve your employee’s work quality. Do not worry, here are some useful suggestions to make your workspace even better than before!


Pay attention to the air quality

This is a simple, but very essential thing to have in order to turn your office into a good workspace. To be able to set up a productive workspace, you need to pay more attention to the well-being of your staff. Make sure that the shared space is clean and free from allergens, dust, or grime. Especially during the pandemic, it would be great if you could hire an office disinfection service to prevent any disease from spreading around. Clean offices can make sure that the air quality is also good and safe to be inhaled by the staff.


What can you do?

  • Impose a green cleaning regime that involves frequent services for disinfection.
  • Put in place a no-smoking rule.
  • Put an indoor plant inside the office.
  • Change your air conditioner filter regularly.
  • If the weather is nice, opt to open the windows instead of closing them all the time.



Having proper lighting in the office is the ultimate way to reduce eye strain, headaches, and symptoms of blurred vision. Avoid using too bright or obscure kinds of light, and instead, you can choose something in the middle. If your office does not have sufficient light, it can affect employee productivity. They might feel sleepy and prone to feeling tired all the time, but they will not focus on the work that they have to do. Your employees will be able to concentrate better and complete more work as a result of improved vision rather than fumbling with the illumination.


What can you do?

  • Adjusting the angles of light fixtures to reduce glare.
  • Increase natural daylight by installing lots of windows in the area.
  • Supplying desk lamps for workers who need additional light.



Although it may seem like a luxury, comfort in the office is essential. For instance, having ergonomic areas in your office can improve a distraction-free atmosphere and reduce muscular fatigue.


What can you do?

  • Establishing ergonomic work areas where employees can switch between sitting and standing (sitting for long periods is associated with back pain).
  • Constructed a variety of workstations for employees, including outdoor and rooftop areas.
  • While some noise is to be expected, try setting up some quiet areas for employees who occasionally require total silence when working.


Food for comfort

You can start providing your employees with healthy lunches every day. These two strategies could really help to maintain employee health and thus improve the productivity in your company. When they eat healthy food, it can help to prevent any diseases, such as stomach aches, from happening—because you make sure they eat healthy food.

On top of that, make sure to always have some healthy snacks and beverages in your office pantry. You never know when someone in your office might need extra snacking due to an all-nighter or just in need of sustenance during the break. Employ an office tea lady, which can help you stock up and maintain your office pantry every day.


By following these useful ideas, you should be able to establish a productive workplace. On occasion, you can also ask your employee for assistance in determining where improvements might be made. Good luck!