A well set wire fence system serves the primary purpose of creating a boundary. It is a way to keep out intruders, burglars, or stray animals. A security wire fence emphasizes privacy, safety, as well as protection. There are many wire fence options that will suit your needs. Some fences look more elegant than others. Barbed wire fence is one of most commonly used types of fencing. A barbed wire fence uses wires that have been twisted together and make a cord with barbs. The barbs project from the fence at distances between 5 and 6 inches. This type of fence helps discourage animals from getting past your fence. 

The following are some key benefits of Barbed Wire fencing: 

Protection that cannot be penetrated 

The barbed wire fence system stands out because it is very easy to buy. It is also widely available on today’s marketplace. Sturdy material is available for the agriculture sector that can knock down even the angriest bulls. Barbed wire fence has a high height and durability that makes it impossible to let wildlife or intruders into your property. 


Barbed wire fence system offers many benefits. It is used extensively in a wide range of industries, such as commercial, agricultural, transportation, construction, homes, and play areas. This fencing system ensures privacy and safety over a prolonged period of time. You can use barbed wire fence to protect your home, commercial property and some land. Commercial property owners use this type fence to minimize the chance of unauthorized entry and robbery in the late hours. 

Cost Effectiveness 

Barbed wire fencing has many benefits. It is also one of the most economical types of fencing. It’s easy to set up and maintain. The protection it offers is unparalleled. Because of its low cost and reliable protection, barbed wire fence system is popular among homeowners. Barbed wire fencing will make it difficult for intruders and other criminals to enter your home. It can be a good choice for people working with a limited budget due to its affordability. 


Barbed wire fence manufacturers work hard to ensure that their products are strong and durable. Because barbed wire fences are used to protect various types of property, the requirements for their specifications can vary. Modern manufacturing machines are able to meet any custom needs. This fence is extremely customizable. You can specify the parameters of the fence such as the width of wire, the length of edges, the size of edges, etc. These are built to your exact specifications. 

A professional company is best for installing this fence. Barbed wire fencing professionally installed won’t break or crack for a long time so the maintenance and repair costs are minimal. 

Critterfence will meet your needs regardless of the reason you need barbed wire fencing. We provide chain link fencing and barbed wire to both residential and commercial properties. We can make any type of chain link fence, barbed wire, backstops, or cage that you need. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.