4 Ways to Locate Best Influencer for Your Business

Influencer marketing is the best way to build your brand awareness and make your business grow. For new businesses, it is not easy to find influencers to boost your brand due to reasons like lack of funds and some influencers wanting to work with big companies. Below are some tips on how you can easily locate suitable influencers for your business. Before choosing an influencer, you should be aware of what your goals and expectations are from influencer marketing.

  • Hashtag Search

The hashtag makes social media content easily accessible on social platforms. Use a hashtag that is relevant to your brand to easily locate the best influencer for your brand. Before starting to search for ways to buy Instagram followers, you should be aware of the trends, content and posts that are already posted on the platform, these will help you to find more relevant hashtags that can help you to discover the best influencer.

You can use any hashtag tool you know about it to search for hashtags that influencers are posting or hashtags that are trending. This will help you to select a hashtag that is related to your brand and easily locates an influencer profile.

  • Use Influencer Marketing Tools

There are a variety of influencer marketing tools that can help to find the best influencer for your business. These tools can help if you are not able to identify appropriate influencers. There are two categories of these tools, that is free and premium.  Free you can access and use without paying any money while premium you must pay to access its features, a premium has more features and is highly reliable compared to free. Examples of these tools are

  • Upfluence -; is a full-scale influencer platform with over 3 million influencers’ profiles. It has a well-rounded feature. Upfluence is an AI search and discovery engine.
  • AspireIQ-; is a community intelligence marketing platform. It focuses on the community as the best influencer through creativeness, expertise and brand representatives.
  • Post for rent-; it is a full-fledged influencer tool. It focuses on balancing cold business efficiency and authentic influencer campaigns.
  • Dovetale;- this tool focuses a lot on ecommerce stores such as Shopify. This tool is suitable for small businesses. With Dovetail you can manage influencer marketing campaigns with their enterprise tool.
  • Other influencer marketing tools are influence.co, Discover.ly, Tweetdeck, Social Crawlytics, Alltop, Podbay.fm and many more.
  • Use Google and Other Search Engine

Google and other search engines like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and duckduckgo can help to find influencers. These search engines can give you billions of results so during the search you should be more specific because the internet has a lot of information. You should come up with a keyword that relates to your brand name and your purpose, use the keyword during the searching. 

Your key world should be more specific about what you are looking for. You can add a blogger or any social media name or location on your keyword this will help your search to be more accurate.  Example of how the best keyword should look like “site: Instagram.com male fashion accessories, male fashion blogger in Manhattan County, New York or site: tweeter.com accessories influencer for male.”

  • Search Keyword on YouTube

YouTube has a lot of influencers, all kinds of influencers any business can be interested to hire are available on YouTube. YouTube can be helpful to find influencers who do long reviews of products. In fact, if your brand focuses on a particular hobby product YouTube influencers can show cast your brand in their content. 

You should have a keyword that relates to your product, using this keyword will help you to search top channels that post related topics or content that relate to your brand. Long keywords are good because they can dig a little deep during a search and it reduces the results to the only relevant outcome. Pick an influencer who has a good number of views and charges affordable according to your budget. 


Influencer marketing can help the new brands to acquire a large number of customers, increase the number of sales and increase awareness of the label. These are vital when it comes to the success of a new or old company. Good use of influencer marketing can result in greater success of the brand. Influencer marketing can also help you to gain insight into potential audiences and how to successfully market your brand to them.

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