5 Best THC Detox Methods to Remove Weed from Body

Drug tests can be scary-even if you don’t take drugs. The thought of giving a sample and keeping your fingers crossed for the best can be overwhelming. Many workers with the required skill give up the job because of the test.

Most individuals are still skeptical about weed-even the medicinal one. Some employers will fire employees who test positive for weed, even with legal medicinal marijuana cards (in most states).

It’s understandable because a well-administered drug-evaluation program ensures a productive and secure workplace. The good news is getting rid of weed from your body is possible. How? The post below has answers to this and other related queries.

What Exactly is Detoxification?

Detoxification, or detox, purifies the body and expels toxins (weed included) from it. A similar process can be used by individuals who want to lose weight. 

The difference between this method and other diet plans is that detoxification will ensure your body expels all harmful compounds and replace them with beneficial ones such as healthy cells. This process is a bit complex and will require you to change your lifestyle a little.

Employers That Can Assess You

Every bureau has its set of rules on handling their employees’ drug tests. Each of these companies has the right to check your THC level in different ways, including:

  • urine
  • saliva or
  • blood tests

Employers from federal government-related industries require you to take a pre-employment drug screen before signing the contract. Bosses of other sectors can need a weed drug test too-however, it’s not so common.

What Professionals Test For

The primary aim is to determine the THC (carboxy THC) degrees. Eleven-nor-nine-carboxy-&-9-THC is one of the lab technicians’ metabolites to indicate cannabis presence.

Factors That Can Determine Your Drug Test’s Success Level

Several crucial factors can determine how successful and fast your drug assessment will be:

  • Your gender-men excrete fewer metabolites than women who smoke weed as they have less body fat.
  • Your body mass-heavier people have a more challenging time getting rid of THC as it binds to body fat.
  • Time of last smoking-the longer you stop lighting up, the easier it is for your system to flush out THC metabolites.
  • Whether you’re ingesting or smoking cannabis, the kind of consumption adds to the THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration. For example, consuming edibles is generally slower than eating weed.
  • The drugs you take, such as ecstasy and cocaine, will make your drug assessment unsuccessful.
  • Your dose- the more you smoke weed, the higher your THC levels are.

THC Drug Level Detection Periods

As mentioned earlier, people get high differently. The so-called detection periods can range from a few hours to several months, depending on several important factors discussed above.

For instance, if your body mass is high and you have just ingested weed, you can test positive after a few days. In other cases, the drug screen sticks to your system for as long as 90 days.

Best Detox THC Techniques to Clear Cannabis From Your Body

Here are some straightforward ways to clear your system of THC before a drug test:

Take Detox Drinks

Detox drinks such as Rescue Detox and Mega Clean are famous for their role in ridding the body of harmful toxins. They have a pleasant taste similar to that of energy drinks. Manufacturers advise that you ingest them at least an hour before a test. There are also some varieties that you should take days before your evaluation.

Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice promotes the flushing of THC metabolites from your system and enhances kidney function by diluting urine. You should drink a lot of water with it and frequently urinate for it to work. 

Use Some Detox Mouthwash

This is ideal if the experts test you with saliva rather than blood or urine. The principle of action is to rinse away all THC metabolites in your saliva. 

Most detox mouthwashes have a powerful formula that clears your saliva of THC if you use them within at least 30 minutes before a drug test. Using mouthwash is pretty simple: Gargle it for roughly thirty seconds and spit it out. Repeat after every 5-10 minutes until it’s time for you to test.

Take Some Coffee

Did you know that caffeine is a gentle diuretic? It also helps dilute urine, increasing the odds of passing a drug assessment. The key is to drink as much of it as you can. Remember to accompany it with some water as it can equally dehydrate you. 

You could add some energy drinks as they can serve several purposes: To rehydrate you and provide your frame with the minerals it needs.

Take Some Detox Pills

Detox pills accelerate the process of detoxification by flushing toxic chemicals out of your body. Some of them require you to ingest three pills every hour for five hours for close to a week. Increase your water intake as you use the tablets, and please don’t consume more than fifteen pills in one day


It’s possible to flush out marijuana from your body through detoxification. Every person’s body works differently, so it’s best to try out various techniques until you find one that works for you. Remember to be persistent, follow the instructions and have a positive attitude during the drug test. That job has your name on it.

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