Sending a kid off to college can be stressful, to say the least. Among other things, you’re probably worried about what to get. If this is the case, here are five college essentials to get for your kid.

  1. Healthy Snacks

College involves a lot of hurrying and running around. Because of this, it can be hard to eat right. That’s where the phrase “freshman fifteen” comes from. So, if you want to help your child avoid this, it’s essential to send the student healthy snacks. When choosing what snacks to send, you’ll want to consider portability. Since college campuses tend to be pretty large, students rarely get a chance to visit dorm rooms in between classes. Because of this, the snacks will only be useful if each one can be put in a backpack. Another thing to consider is enjoyability. While healthy snacks are good for the body, most aren’t known for being appetizing. So, in order to ensure that your child is consuming healthy late night snacks, you’ll want to get food that tastes good. 

  1. Laundry Supplies

Oftentimes, students do laundry for the first time at college. So, it’s essential to give your child sufficient laundry supplies. First, you’ll want to get a basket. When choosing one, be sure to analyze its portability. Unless your child gets very lucky, the student will probably have to walk a while to reach the laundry room. So, you’ll want a basket that travels easily. When buying detergent, be sure to get pods instead of liquid. Pods are easy to plop in a basket. Finally, be sure to teach your child some laundry basics. Other than how to work the machines, your child should know when to do laundry and how to separate clothes. 

  1. Electronics for Class

In this day and age, electronics are essential for college students. Very few classes will have students use notebooks instead of computers. So, it’s vital that your child has the proper electronics for class. One of the main things to get is a laptop. This device should be lightweight, highly efficient and easy to store. Otherwise, your child may have a hard time carrying it to classes. Another thing to get is an ethernet cable. While your kid’s dorm room and classrooms will undoubtedly have WiFi, college internet isn’t always perfect. This can cause problems, especially on nights when large assignments are due. With an ethernet cable, your kid can connect to the internet no matter what. Other than that, your child may also need class-related electronics. Be sure to stay communicative about this.

  1. Room Decorations

While room decorating may not seem like a pressing issue, it can be highly influential on a student. Imagine a basic dorm room before it’s been lived in. Most have drab walls, a tiny window and little to no personality. Essentially, it can feel like a jail cell. This, combined with the extreme stresses college provides, may not be good for your child’s mental health. So, it’s important to spend some time planning decorations. Other than desk trinkets and pictures, your child should get a fair amount of wall decorations. This helps to cover a room’s plainness. It’s also important to choose a color scheme. Have your kid pick one dominant color and some background ones. For instance, aqua works well with some pink and yellow.

  1. Leisure Activities

While college is about working hard and learning, no one can stay focused for months on end. It simply isn’t healthy. So, you’ll want to provide your child with some leisure activities. If your kid is a book reader, be sure to get any novels the student is interested in. A very popular activity as of late is adult coloring books. These allow users to enjoy coloring and forget any current anxieties. If your kid wants to have fun with others, you might want to invest in some party games. For instance, Cards Against Humanity is pretty popular with college kids. During this process, always ask your child for an opinion.

Sending a kid to college can be highly emotional. Fortunately, giving your child the right essentials may take a load off your mind.