At one point, they were called the nerds!

We wouldn’t deny this, but there were many who took this as an insult. Schools and colleges portrayed people with a zeal for knowledge and study as uninteresting. Thanks to Tiktok, now these people have a newfound identity.

– A newfound fashion.

– A newfound aesthetic.

– New books(obviously), &

– New movie and Television series.

Now they are no more the nerds; these are the scholars of dark academia. Now, what is dark acedia, and why are we trying to find television series based on that name.

Rumor has it that when people are exhausted from all the knowledge gained, they indulge in these television series to get inspired and wake that scholar again.

What Is Dark Academia?

Dark academia is a newfound aesthetic that represents the scholars and their thirst for knowledge. Some of the common elements of dark academia which you might find in these series are-

– Old boarding schools.

– Rustic Libraries.

– Reading Hardbound books.

– Beige clothing.

– Oxfords.

– Low lights,&

– Classical music like Mozart or Chopin.

Now, when we talk about the dark academia series, they will include them. But, at the same time, have elements like scholars reading or solving cases with high IQ.

Where To Watch Them!

Now, this list which we will be providing you is very versatile and can have series from all genres and times. So, you might not find them all in those OTT platforms which you pay for.

Therefore, it is better that you get them for free.

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The List!

Now, finally, we have arrived at the best part which you all have been waiting for. The names of the series will give you all the dark academia feel.

1. Dickenson

Now we all have heard about Emily Dickenson. Her poetries have ignited the poet inside many, many of us. However, how many of us know Ms. Dickenson’s life story? Yes, we might have read about it, but seeing it through an ensemble cast portraying the period would be an amazing experience.

The tale of Dickenson is a humorous portrayal of the poet’s early life. The tale of an ambitious woman, mystical London, and a college dropout. Everything you can look for to resurrect that poet inside you again. 

2. A Discovery Of Witches

What could fit the theme of dark academia more than a Yale historian and the Oxford library? Along with the scholarly representation from two of the most famous universities of the world, which produce knowledge-hungry individuals, this story also has a mystical touch to it.


#Bewitched Manuscripts.

Plus, you might also find some discoveries of witches, as the name suggests. All in all, a perfect dark academia pick.

3. Sherlock

Mind-twisting stories and an even more mind-twisting character. Sherlock will always be a favorite pick whenever we wish to fire up that notorious sociopathic scholar within us. 

What could be a better inspiration to pick up our books and impart some knowledge to us other than seeing a high IQ-ed detective consultant solving puzzling cases in the heart of London?

Plus, this Sherlock also has a modern touch to it. So, imagine Sherlock with the internet.

4. Hannibal

This might be a favorite for the horror genre fans. Who said scholars always have to be in old libraries and boarding schools?

It could be intelligent FBI agents and their tuff with a notorious cannibalistic killer Hannibal.

Plus, the entire cinematography of the last season has all the elements of dark academia. Psychologist, ceiling murals, and operas in Italy.

5. Gilmore Girls

Now, this might be a controversial pick because this mother-daughter-centric series has more of a family ‘feel good’ small-town element than dark academia.

However, this is the series that fuelled the scholarly behavior in most teens in the early 2000s. This is because, before this, there was no such character as Rory Gilmore. The main character whose life revolves around her having a book stuck to her nose and endless preparation to get into Harward.

Tis’ The Scholarly Season!

If you are already excited about the Fall season approaching, although even summer is not over yet, then the season of dark academia is upon us.

Some Days when you do not feel like sitting with your books indulge in some of these wholesome dark academia series for some inspiration.

Get downloading right now!