5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Digital marketing is central in today’s online world. It is one of the best ways to expand your firm, regardless of industry or company size. However, to grow your business and sales, you must have the right digital marketing strategy by your side. Which tactics, therefore, are better for your business and still applicable to customers today? In this article, we’ll go through five of them and how to make them fit for you based on experience rather than theory.

But before we go on, we would like to introduce the brain behind this wonderful piece. As a foremost Digital Marketing Company and Web Design Company Dubai, The Watchtower enjoys educating its readers on valuable tips to enhance their routine operations.

What is digital marketing?

The concept is defined through numerous digital tactics and channels, to connect with clients in a specific space: the internet. From your website to your company’s digital resources – digital advertisements, mailing campaigns, online brochures, and more – there is a wide spectrum that fits under the umbrella of digital marketing.

1) Email marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the oldest of the e-commerce systems out there. Its use is so useful that it has replaced postal mail in many respects, given its low cost. There is a myth around sending emails. This is because massive chains of emails are often sent to large databases that do not take into account the context of the recipients.  The effectiveness of a good mailing campaign lies in personalization and full consideration of the context of the person who will receive the email. This will prevent it from being marked as spam or sent directly to the trash.

2) Web positioning or SEO

It is no secret to anyone that web positioning is vital when developing a good digital marketing campaign. Not appearing among the first search engine results dramatically influences the necessary traffic to your website, which will be reflected in your billing. As the Best SEO Company Dubai, whether we run a paid SEO campaign in Google AdWords, use particular positioning techniques, or combine both, the goal is to drive traffic to our website and increase our brand penetration, expand our market and close more sales. Likewise, these web positioning strategies, if combined with other tools, will be much more effective, working better as part of a gear, since they are a very important point in digital marketing.

3) Content Marketing

More than an isolated trend, it is the backbone by which everything you do in digital marketing should be governed. Content marketing is based on the design, creation, and distribution of relevant content and creativity to get the attention of the audience and, at some point, convert them into customers. All the efforts you make in mailing, social networks, blogs, infographics, videos, etc. They should be aimed at solving customer problems, but not just talking about your product. We agree that what you have to offer them is the solution they need, but most of the time, people are not even clear about what problem ails them. People don’t want to buy, they want to solve their problems and improve. 

We hope you are learning something here. The main point of our articles is to keep you informed with all the basic tools needed to thrive in a fast-paced world. Mobile App Development Dubai and Digital Marketing are some of our core strengths, talking about the Watchtower.

4) Electronic commerce

The possibility that customers have the opportunity to make an online transaction, according to scholars of digital marketing, constitutes a true revolution in what until now was known as commerce. 15 years ago, the massification of electronic commerce popularized by portals such as Amazon or eBay was unthinkable before its existence. Offering electronic commerce mechanisms within your business will make your work much easier while generating confidence and comfort for your customers.

5) Video marketing 

It is a powerful strategy that you have to use if you want to increase your sales. Proof of its effectiveness is that, according to a HubSpot study, 81% of brands use it. Video marketing consists of using audiovisual elements on the internet to achieve the objectives already set within your content strategy. Being a strategy, all the teams in a company participate in its creation so that it generates results: It no longer only focuses on the creative, but it is about provoking a conversation, being actionable and measurable. The use of video is not only a tool that helps during the customer buying process, it also allows sellers to rate customers and thus prioritize those who are ready. 

We hope you enjoyed this read and have learned something new as that is our main goal. We would always continue to serve you with amazing web content as the foremost and award-winning Website Development Company in Dubai.

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