What is a food Processor and How Does it work?

best food processor in indiaDo you believe us when we say that these food processors are actually machines in the future that do the majority of the work for you in the kitchen?|Are you ready to believe us when we told you that food processors are going to be the machines of the future, allowing you to complete all the work that you do in the kitchen.} Maybe not, but why not? We’re sure that these appliances are the next thing, but we believe that they will help you when it comes to cooking. Let’s look into what they can do.

Food processors are described as kitchen appliances that allow you for mixing, kneading chop, chop, and juice. Food processors help with the burden of creating food. In essence, it assists you with all the tasks that you need to complete prior to cooking, like slicing vegetables, kneading the dough mixing and grinding spices, etc. It also will make your job in the kitchen a bit easier and more efficient.

The motor is strong enough to take on even the most difficult ingredients like dough. It is attached to the motor by the vertical shaft, and on that shaft are very sharp and robust knives. The blade set is generally variable to permit you to utilize different types of blades for different purposes. The feed tube lets you to continuously add ingredients that need to be shred to the jar without having to open it up again.

Food processors have been among the most successful innovations in the field of household appliances. They have alleviated many cooks and housewives and cut down the amount of effort they have to put in to cook food that is delicious!

Types of Food Processors You must know about them prior to buying

There are a variety of food processors that satisfy the requirements for features and function. They are:

1. Hand Operated Food Processors

The hand-operated food processors that are among the most popular. These food processors are small and easy to use. Because of its small size, storage doesn’t require much areas. They are simply the best for cutting when the amount of food being consumed is lower. They are not motor-driven, but are manual.

2. Full-Size Food Processors

They can manage 9 to 12 cups of food at a time. Some can even provide 20 cups. You can also get dough hooks that allow you to bake bread. They come with a variety of blades and discs to fulfill all the functions of a food processor. Food processors of full size are extremely long-lasting because of their powerful motors to handle these kinds of jobs.

3. Mini Food Processors

They are great for small families due to their compact nature. It can fulfill all functions of the most modern food processors in India but in smaller amounts.

4. Buffalo Choppers

Buffalo choppers are ideal for processing large amounts of meat. They are mostly utilized in large kitchens, such as restaurants. They are mostly made of strong metal together with additional parts such as grinders and slicers They are ideal to use in commercial settings.

Here is a best juicer mixer grinder listing of the best juicer mixer grinder in India.Here’s a list of India’s top mixers for juicers.


  • Maharaja Whiteline Jmg Odacio with 450-Watt and 3 Jars

  • Maharaja Whiteline Jmg Odacio 500Watt with 2 Jars


  • Philips Amaze 600-Watt HL7576/00 with 3 Jars

  • Philips HL7578/00 600W turbo – Nuti Juicer Jar Blender and Multi-Purpose Jar

  • Philips HP HL7579/00 600W turbo with 3 Jars: Blend and Carry Nutri Juicer Jar, Multi-Purpose jar


  • Prestige Platina JMG 550-Watt

  • Prestige Iris (750W) with 3 Stainless steel Jars + 1 Juicer Jar


  • Bajaj JX5 500-Watt

  • BAJAJ Plastic Fresh Sip Jmg (Multicolour)

  • Bajaj Majesty Jx4 Jmg, 450 Watts Motor, 2 Jars


  • Havells Endura2 Jmg ABS 2 Jar


  • INALSA Mix N Blend, with 550W Anti-Skid Feet

  • Inalsa Icon Dx450-Watt and 3 Jars

Morphy Richards:

  • Morphy Richards Polycarbonate Jmg

India’s Top Microwave Ovens

The Different Types of Microwave Ovens best microwave oven:

1. Solo or a conventional microwave

This type of microwave oven is designed to provide basic capabilities. Heating, cooking, and defrosting food are all you need to do within the microwave. There are various sizes and capacities, as well as different knobs and buttons. But, they are not as robust in terms of their functionality.

2. Grill for microwave oven

The name of the product says it all. Apart from being equipped to cook, reheat, and defrost food as well as grill food. They can be more expensive than solo microwave ovens. Like solo microwave ovens, they come in various sizes and capacities.

3. Convection microwave oven

These microwave ovens are among the most effective. This combo of grill and solo microwave ovens is exactly what you’re looking for, and also includes the ability to bake. These are the most costly and come in different sizes and capacities.

Security Tips for Microwave Ovens

While using a microwave may seem easy however there are certain safety measures that must be observed.

  • The first and most important thing to do is check the manual of instruction for specific safety information from the manufacturer.

  • Never use the microwave while the door open. Prior to turning on the microwave, shut it.

  • Use microwave-safe containers. Only use microwave-safe containers. Make sure to check the containers and crockery to ensure that they are microwave-safe.

  • Cooking or heating any kind of flammable food or beverage in the microwave is a no-no. This could lead to an explosion or a fatal accident.

  • Check for possible radiation leakages in your microwave ovens. Over time, this may lead to severe adverse health issues.

  • After heating or cooking food, let the food cool down before touching the Utensils. Utilize heat gloves to take out the utensil from the microwave.

Enjoy a snack as we walk you through the top 11 most used microwave ovens in India.