Making email copywriting mistakes significantly destroys your conversion. Read this article to find out the top 5 common mistakes and some tips to improve.

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing methods today, bringing valuable benefits for businesses. Due to its feasibility and reasonable price, many industries in modern countries implement email marketing to boost sales and attract customers.

A successful marketing campaign requires a lot of factors, one of which is email copywriting. However, some beginners struggle to deal with email copywriting, especially when it comes to conversion rates. Scroll down to see if you are making those 5 email copywriting mistakes that your conversion doesn’t work and how to fix them.

What Is Email Copywriting?

Simply say, email copywriting is a process of creating engaging and persuasive content to encourage target customers to take action. Thus, it is no different than other copywriting forms.

However, email copywriting is not just about the subject line. It’s way far more complicated than you imagined. That’s why many people often make mistakes and cause the conversion rate to fail.

5 Email Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Your Conversion

1. Ineffective subject line

Ineffective subject line

A subject line is the first and foremost thing that grabs readers’ attention when they open emails. It is noteworthy that a clear and curiosity-focused subject line often achieves more than 60% of open rates. Therefore, creating a generic and unprofessional subject line will put you at risk of losing your potential customers.

Some common mistakes that marketers often make when writing the subject line are the overuse of spammy words, emojis, lengthy sentences, and not matching with the preheader text.

How to fix:

  • Keep your subject line short and straightforward, about 6-10 words. This length is ideal for bringing an open rate of 21%!
  • Avoid any junk words and emojis in your subject line. You want it to look friendly, not spammy, in your subscriber’s email list.
  • A good subject line is always aligned with the preheader text. In a nutshell, a subject line should briefly introduce what the message is about, and a preheader offers a sneak peek to provoke readers’ curiosity to click into an email.

2. Irrelevant content

It is noteworthy that creating unique and relevant content in your email copywriting leads to a better conversion rate.

However, you may try to bombard subscribers with tons of content without relevance to their audience’s interest and engagement. That’s the reason why audiences stop clicking into your email and cancel the subscription after a short time.

How to fix:

  • Quality is more important than quantity. Make sure to research and understand your target audience’s needs, demands, pain points, and habits before creating content.
  • Create content that resonates with your audiences. That said, content that matches the audience’s insight often entices them to take action, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Noticeably, more than 63% of audiences recall a brand that brings relevant or exciting content.

3. Overuse of Call-to-action in body text

Overuse of Call-to-action in body text

It is no doubt that Call-to-action (CTA) plays a vital role in email copywriting. CTAs tend to provoke customer’s attention and encourage them to take action. With this in mind, you may probably include several CTAs in your body text with the hope of getting one click.

However, having more buttons in a single email doesn’t ensure an increase in clicks. You’d be surprised that reducing the number of CTAs in an email marketing campaign from 4 to 1 can increase 42% of click rates!

How to fix:

  • Include just 1 or 2 simple CTAs in your email to eliminate the confusion of audiences.
  • Use urgent CTAs or attach additional promotion codes or coupons to drive more interest and take the desired action.

4.  Lack personalization

If you want your email copywriting to convert, then personalization is the key. Stats by Campaign Monitor states that personalized email brings about 25% of open rates and delivers significant customer engagement.

But personalization is far more an art than just a simple recipient’s name in the greeting. Though there are dozens of methods to personalize your email copywriting, you can follow a few simple but efficient tips, as demonstrated below:

  • Create a customer persona, including their demographics and psychographics. Based on that, create content for that specific customer. Pretending that you are writing to one individual, not a bunch of people. So try to be a little more detailed and natural.
  • Talk to your customers in a friendly tone of voice. Make it look like a conversation between friends rather than an advertised-oriented email for promotion.

Lack personalization

5.   Language mistakes

Poor conversion rate often happens when recipients receive emails full of misspellings, slang, jargon, and heavy sale-oriented languages.

Whether your email is formal or informal, your customers always expect you to be professional-looking. Hence, even minor misspellings or wrong word choices can affect the result of your email marketing overall.

How to fix:

  • Use tools such as Grammarly to check grammar, word choices, and the readability of your content. Make sure that your content is readable to the majority of readers.
  • Avoid jargon in your email since it may cause misunderstanding and confusion for customers.
  • Sale language is acceptable but should be limited to ensure the engagement of audiences.

Wrapping Up

All in all, making email copywriting mistakes is not something you desire. Hopefully, through this article, you can acquire some tips to leverage your email copywriting.

At best, email copywriting is not as easy as a piece of cake. From a subject line to the body text, it requires effort and time to optimize these factors. But hard work pays off. Just pay attention to every detail, avoid mistakes, and remember personalization is critical, then you are likely to deliver significant results for your email copywriting.

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