Hiring a PPC agency is no easy feat. There are many factors to consider that it’s easy for a first-timer to overlook critical areas of PPC.

The right PPC agency will help you craft the best pay-per-click campaigns based on your paid ads goals and business needs. These campaigns will boost brand recognition and promote instant website traffic.

With all these benefits of choosing the right PPC firm in mind, let’s dive right into the essential points of hiring PPC experts.

1. Knowledge of PPC for Your Industry

Your paid ad campaigns should be relevant, well-targeted, and consider your customers’ needs. The right PPC agency should explain a good campaign according to your industry or niche.

As reported by Digital Authority Partners, the best PPC firm understands your industry and customers. One way to determine an agency’s understanding of your industry is to request an explanation of what pay-per-click in your industry entails.

You can gauge how an agency will go about your company’s campaign with such explanations. You also get a good picture of its capabilities to promote your business through PPC.

Consider the following:

  • Ask what PPC means in terms of your industry or market.
  • Ask how PPC can help your business reach your advertising goals.
  • Find out how PPC can help your clients or customers.

2. Extensive Experience in PPC Management

The best agency for your PPC campaigns is one with extensive experience in advertising for your industry. Such an experience proves their understanding of the marketing needs that companies like yours have. An agency should also be an expert in advertising on various channels since every channel has unique requirements.

Check an agency’s official website for its credentials. Do your due diligence to determine an ad agency’s PPC management experience.

Here are other ways to investigate an agency’s relevant experience:

  • Check case studies of companies or businesses they have helped before.
  • Look for reviews from their previous customers.
  • Check their social media sites for comments from their previous clients.
  • Consider awards and recognitions from groups and organizations relevant to your industry.
  • Check samples of their work, especially for clients in the same industry as yours.

3. Additional Services Offered

Ask an agency to define the scope of its services. Some firms offer paid ad services, including campaign setup, native advertising, and PPC audits and management. These are essential services, enough to get your accounts ready and working. However, some PPC firms offer additional services on top of basic PPC tasks, including the following.

SEO Services

One of the most common add-ons is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a collection of strategies that help websites rank higher on search engine results. It improves site ranking to drive more traffic and improve brand recognition.

Although SEO and PPC ads help improve your popularity online, they are different techniques on different ends of the marketing spectrum. However, research shows that SEO and PPC work together for optimal promotion and exposure of sites. A PPC ad that entices the audience to click and land on a properly optimized page could generate more leads and raise conversion.

PPC Auditing

Another service that most PPC firms provide is PPC auditing. An audit reviews your PPC strategies to find poorly performing items and change or update them. Firms audit your site’s conversions, targeting settings, ad group relevance, advertising extensions, and keyword settings.

An audit can take longer than expected, depending on the complexity of your PPC campaigns and your campaign goals. Once done, the firm will present the audit results and recommend the best-paid ads strategies to start your campaign.

Social Media Marketing

eMarketer revealed that 92.1% of marketers from the United States would be using social media in 2022 as a part of their marketing strategies. That’s a rising trend since 2013. It shows that marketers trust social media to promote their brand and drive more traffic to their sites.

Many PPC firms include social media marketing in their services to ensure their clients don’t miss out on its benefits.

With social media advertising and PPC, you can advertise your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn using a custom ads strategy crafted according to your marketing needs.

Note that these additional services may be part of a PPC agency’s campaign management services or may be added to your account and billed separately.

4. Keyword Research Strategy

An essential part of any PPC campaign is building a successful keyword research strategy. Selecting the right keywords to bid on will lead to higher clicks and improved conversions.

Ask the PPC firm how they engage in keyword research, the tools they prefer, and how they organize keywords according to your ad group levels and campaigns.

A reliable PPC agency will create a keyword strategy based on a thorough understanding of your audience. Using appropriate keyword research tools to match your ad platform, the firm will gather and track keywords efficiently.

They will organize your keywords according to topic clusters and use these to create ad copies and content. Experienced agencies know that keyword research is a continuous process to ensure that you always use high-value keywords.

5. Free Trial

Don’t hesitate to ask for a free trial. It’s one of the best ways to determine if a PPC agency is the best for your business needs. You’ll determine the company’s keyword research strategy, metrics, and account management techniques with a free trial.

Finally, ask about their fees and the pricing models they follow. Learning all these beforehand can help avoid unwanted surprises in the future.

Final Words

Take the time to find the right PPC agency to suit your business needs. Ask the right questions to find the right fit. Ask about their PPC overview, experience with paid ads in your industry, and additional services besides PPC. Consider a firm’s keyword research strategy as this is a crucial first step in a successful paid ad campaign.

Finally, a free trial lets you see first-hand how the PPC agency works and if they match your marketing goals. Consider these pointers, and you’ll be steps closer to a successful PPC campaign.