5 Questions You Should Ask from Your Real Estate Agent

For beginners and even for experts, buying and selling properties can be a tiring job. Therefore they hire an agent to help them in the process from finding Lake Tahoe homes for sale to suggesting the best mortgages.However, there are not many complications in consulting real estate agents, but you should ask some questions for better experience and understanding.

There is a collection of some questions frequently asked from real estate agents during the interview with their clients. So, you must ask when hiring an agent.

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What are your references?

During an interview, the agents talk about their previous experiences. Make sure to ask them about their references. Now, call each client for whom they had worked previously and ask how they had experience with the agents. If they were satisfied with them, then sign a deal with them.  Ask them about the relationship with their references. If they were their relative, they would not give you a negative review against the agents.

Can I have the market analysis of the area?

Real estate agents have broad information about the market. Ask them about the market analysis of the area where you want to buy or sell your property. Market analysis is the knowledge of comparison of your property and others present in the market for selling or buying. More importantly, it will let you know about the price range of your house.

With market research, you can get a lot of information. For example, what types of houses are attracting more investors?  How much time a home similar to yours stays in the market? You would require all this information from your agent.

Is the area growing or declining?

It is also part of market analysis your agent should know. The agents must have full information about a specific area. They are the persons who keep an eagle eye on real estate market trends to know about the decline or growth in a particular site. The real estate market is not often the same.

Sometimes a well-reputed area becomes attention-less while some other with no fame instantly starts. So, your agent will let you know about the trends in the market that which area is in which position. For example, nowadays, houses in Blue world city are increasingly selling.

Real estate agents also know about the upcoming value of an area. They foresee it on the basis of development work status. For example, Abu Dhabi mall is growing its value to attract more and more customers. If you want to buy a house, your real estate agent will also let you know about the feasibility of the house in the future and would suggest to you whether you should buy it or not.

Do you work solely or as part of a team?

This is an important question you should ask your agent. Being a solo agent or work in a team both have benefits and drawbacks. One flaw if your agent belongs to a team, that you may not find that agent next time. Because dealing with him means dealing with a specific team, so if he is not available with whom you had made your last deal. You will have to deal with another agent part of that particular team.

Ask your agent if he is a member of any team; that is what amazing work he handles while living in the team. Also, ask him that whether any other member of the group would also be available for some help if needed or not.

How many clients are you working for?

The real estate agents working for more clients are highly recommended. However, answering this question will be challenging for an agent. An agent who provides services to more clients might not give full and considerable time to your project.  So, he may not fulfill all your expectations tied with your home buying or selling.

In contrast, agents who have fewer clients have a lesser experience. It is also not suitable for your purpose. You should find a busy agent who can look into your matter and provide full attention to your listing.


Agents are always ready to answer your question and help you buying and selling your properties. If you have a lot of questions in your mind you intend to ask from us, sigma properties’ agents will convince you by the best of their knowledge.

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