Let’s be honest here. 

As long as we’re not talking about alcohol, almost nothing ages well with time. A show, which was acceptable once, might not offer the same thrill today. But that’s alright, though. After all, it’s a sign of the evolution of our intellectual maturity. 

The curse of time applies to the ever-changing timeline of Shonen anime, too. Well, yes, we know. Some shows from the 2000s, like One Piece or Naruto, are timeless. However, most of the others haven’t been as lucky as them. 

In this article, we will pay an ode to the “fallen ones” in the Shonen industry. If you think we’re wrong in any way, you can watch them from https://u1337x.org/ and let us know about your verdict. We’ll be waiting for you! 

Anime Shows That Didn’t Age Well… At All! 

As promised before, in this section, we will talk about the Shonen shows that may seem a little meh right now, compared to others. So, let’s get started, then. 

Akame Ga Kill – A Timeless Disaster 

We remember, when Akame Ga Kill first came out in 2014, everyone considered it as a perennial masterpiece, including us. Nonetheless, by the time the series ended, the otaku world’s opinion about it had changed entirely.


Well, it had excessive brutality and edginess to begin with. 

Besides, the storyline also wasn’t strong enough, in our opinion. It’s just a “cheap thrills” anime that helps you get that edgelord fixed, nothing else, to be honest. 

The Promised Neverland – Almost Perfect 

Yep, we know this one might feel a little odd out here, but hear us out first. 

Two years back, whenever someone talked about The Promised Neverland, they could only spew high praise about it. It came out of nowhere and took the Shonen industry by storm. 


Then, the second season was released, and it effed up the massive hype built in the first one. It took out a chunk from the storyline and didn’t offer the same thrill as the manga did. 

Besides, the animation… oh well, it wasn’t good either. We still consider the first season to be a masterpiece. But, the second installment has, indeed, tainted its reputation entirely. 

Monster – An Ever-So-Underrated Masterpiece 

Honestly, we feel bad putting Monster here in the same place as Akame Ga Kill, but it’s just where the show belongs. 

For starters, the show isn’t entirely Shonen. It’s more of a Seinen with some Shonen elements sprinkled here. Hence, it might not seem perfect to someone who’s fanatic about any single demographic amongst them.

Besides, the show is pretty slow. You might get a little bored too at the beginning. However, if you can get through it, you’ll see why most fans consider it a cult classic of the 2000s. 

Future Diary – An Edgy And Confusing Mess 

Future Diary, in essence, is an ode to the classic “Death Game” genre, but with a twist. It tells the story of Yukiteru Amano, who unknowingly partakes in a survival game with 11 others. Whoever wins the game will become a god and prevent an apocalypse. 

Yes, we know. The storyline did have potential. It had all the hype backing it up as well. But, it failed in executing what the writer had thought. The ending is pretty confusing too! 

Fire Force – Just Another Shonen Fanservice At Its Best 

Perhaps we are being too critical here, but Fire Force has nothing to call “different than any other modern Shonen anime.” The storyline is generic at best, the fight scenes are poorly choreographed, and the animation… subpar at best. 

The sleazy ecchi elements of the show are pretty childish as well. The component of fanservice is, indeed, needed, but not once in every two or three minutes. 

The Bottom Line 

So, this marks the conclusion of our article on Shonen anime that didn’t age. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have ended up hurting many hardcore otakus out there, we know. 

However, in our defense, the blog just carried out our sole opinions about the anime we’ve enlisted here. If yours differ from us, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section!