Many athletes and employeeshave properfootwear for their job. It’sjust ascrucial to wear the right shoesfor riding and working aroundhorses.A good pair of boots or shoeskeep your feet safe if youget stepped on, andcan prevent your footfrom slidingdownthestirrups if you falloff your horsewhileriding.Flip-flops, high heelssandals, clogs, gardenshoeslikeCrocs,andcanvas shoesdon’t belong inthe barn.Even rubber boots don’t provideany protection, although they doprovide some comfortwhen the weather is wet, or you’re mucking outstalls.If you’re considering any kindofequipment, including footwear be sure to think of safety first’.

What Not to Wear

These boots are specifically designed for riding andare available in differentstyles.Whatever style you choose you prefer, all riding boots musthave a narrow treadand a heel ofabout1 inch(2.5cm)and1 1/2inch high. Thiscan preventyour boot from sliding acrossthe stirrup. Bootsthat have thick or heavytreads, likehiking boots or snowboots, aren’t suitablefor riding, buttheymay be appropriatefor workinside the stable.They are typicallybroad, and with awith a boxy top, which meanstheymight get caught upbetween the sides of thestirrup. They alsohave a lotof grip which is usefulwhile you’re hiking but willmake itdifficulttoslide your foot inor out of your stirrup.

7 Common Beginner Horseback Riding Mistakes

Waterproof Boots

Whether you chooseto wear anEnglish orwestern style boot is entirely upto you. Westernboots typicallyhave a slighthigherthe heelthan English.Certain western-style shoes havecrepe soles that maynotslipout of the stirrup easily.You can also findankle heightboots.This could be more comfortableif you wishtousehalf chaps.All will provide youwithgood stability and security.

The majority of cheaperboots are constructed usingtheupper or lowersor both made fromvinyl.This is lesscomfortablefor your feet , and they couldbreak down fasterthan a pair ofleather boots, whichcan be repaired. Theymay not breathe likeleather,however they aremuch easier to clean iftheyare soiled.

Packersare becoming very popularand, aside from looking stylish,they’regreat for every-dayriding andwalking.They are sturdy and providethe necessary support when riding, withoutbeing as bulky and heavy asEnglish boots.

English Boot Styles

English bootscome in severaldifferent styles , as well. Traditional dress boots, thoselong black boots wesee inolderBritish hunting scenesare stilltypical in the dressage circleand also in eventing. Theyare suitable for almost everyEnglish discipline.A fewoutdoor riders and trail ridersfeel that a comfortablehigh-heeled boot isgood protection and support forevery day wear.Others find them to besweaty and uncomfortable. Field bootslook similar todress boots but havean instep lace.These are usually wornwithin the hunter show ring. Theywill be more comfortable if youhave aa higher instep. Thetie makes iteasier toslipintoand out.

Tall boots of all kindsmay or may not includezippers on the backtherefore they are easiertogetinto and out. If youfind a perfectpair ofused or newboots, but they aretoo difficult to slip on,it’spossible tohave zippers put inor replacedwhen they getdamaged.

Jodphur or paddock bootsare Englishkindsof riding bootswhich onlyrun upthe ankle. They arecommonlyused by childrenwhen they are in the show arenaalong with leather gaiters straps, which wrapthrough the calf area justbelow theknee , to keepthe jodhpursto buncharoundthe leg.A lot of adults wear these and half-chapsfor riding on a daily basis.A great pair of boots will becomfortable to wear aroundthe barn, althoughyou may not want toput on leather boots forhorse mucking. Jodhpur bootsare availableinpull-on, zipper,or laceddesigns.Manypreferthe zipper design becausethey’re easyfor them to get on andremove however feet with higharchesmay feel cramped when wearingthepull-on and zipper styles.

Running Shoe Styles

Running shoe styleboots areavailable for thosewhoprefer a casual stylethat is comfortable anddurable. They don’t needany of the care that leather demands.They’re as comfortableas running shoesbut withthe added support ofthesole and ankle.They’rethe perfect thing if you’reinvolved in sports like ride’n’ tie thatrequiresa bit ofrunning.Many trail-running enthusiasts who run long distanceswear these.


All of these boots are madein various materials, rangingfrom synthetics and cotton canvasto leather.Of course, boots made of leathertend to behigher priced and requiregreater care. Thehigher the quality of theleatheris and the more sturdy thedesign the more comfortable andthe moreexpensivethe boot will be. Tryfor a pair of$500 boots as opposed tothe $100 bootsand you’llnoticethedifference in support and comfort.A good pair offootwear is aninvestmentandwith the right care, should outlast the cheapermodel by many, manyyears.You can’t deny the feelofhigh-quality boots.If new boots arewithin your reach, look intoconsignmentstores and post adsfor old boots you canafford.

Both Englishas well as western-style boots areconstructed of synthetic substances. Themost significant issue withriding boots made of rubberis that theycan heat up as they hold moisture, andcan be a challengetoremove, actinglike a suction cupyour legs. They’regreat for whenconditions are wet,orif you’re justtaking part in a couple of smallevents and don’t wish topay forleather boots.

Many riders owntwo or more pairs ofboots,depending on the type of horsetheyare riding. Ifyou plan to show the sport, it is likely that yourequiredistinct boots to wear athomeas well as at the show. Of course,everydiscipline requires a differentpair ofboots. For instance,when you’re planning to exhibitEnglishor western style, thenyou’lllikely needthe two typesof boots.If you’re riding in winter, you’llneed a pair ofwell-insulated riding boots for your feet to stay warm.There are alsopolo boots or tall bootswith a black or browncuffs that are high up.These are fine aslong as they are safeand comfortable.

Already-Owned Boots

There’s a possibility that you have something inyourcloset that would workjust fine,without thecost of purchasing boots specifically designedfor riding.So long asyou can ensure that the heel as well as treadare in the right places, they aren’t too bigfor the stirrups,they’re comfortable and provide support toyourfeet, they’llbeperfect.Boots with a zipperthrough the innerleg won’t work.Be sure to look at your horse’soutfit with a focus onsafety, which ismore important thanthe way youappear.