Sometimes your canines act like toddlers. If you don’t give them enough attention, they may find methods to keep themselves busy, such as ripping the fillings from your new cushions or playing with toys. Combining the proper nutrition and exercise, which can increase immunity and energy, maintain muscle, and promote good digestion, is one of the best ways to keep your pup happy and healthy. 

Below are a few recommendations to help you make your furry companion happy.

  • Provide Plenty of Exercises

Exercise benefits your dog’s physical health, improving his mental health, and walking also helps dogs sleep better at night by releasing excess energy. So set time aside for your furry pal, allow him to meet new people, and experience new things beyond the door. 

  • Increase Playtime

Regular playtime is beneficial to you and your pet since it allows for vital bonding. It’s essential not to take your pet’s relationship for granted; it could be one of the most potent bonds you can ever have. Playing together daily helps strengthen that friendship, and it may boost your pet’s mood. 

  • Offer Toys and Chews

Toy chewing and destroying is an everyday canine activity. Your dog’s way of having fun and expressing his instincts is to tear things apart. Allow him to have his favorite toys as long as he plays safely with them. Also, provide chewable toys and edible chews. Chewing is normal behavior for dogs, and therefore, they must have adequate chewing options. Chewing toys that can be filled with food, such as Kongs, are stimulating and treats like bully sticks or dental bones can help keep your puppy’s teeth clean and provide him some pleasure. 

  • Give some belly rubs. 

Dogs enjoy belly rubs as they feel nice. Giving your dog a belly rub is both relaxing and joyful. It’s like a massage for your dog, and rubbing his belly releases serotonin, a happy hormone that helps boost his mood.

  • Visit the Vet 

This may not make your dog happy immediately, but it will certainly make him happy in the long run. A vet knows your dog better than you do, no matter how much time you spend with him. A vet can be a one-stop solution to resolve all of these issues. What to feed, how much he should weigh, and what vaccinations your dog requires; a vet can be a one-stop solution to these problems. Taking your dog for a regular check-up every 3- 6 months is perfect. Consult the pet hospital or DCC Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment. 

Final Words: 

Most canines need more activity and companionship to be happy. Daily walks around the neighborhood, and the occasional playtime with other dogs might keep them happy. Moreover, spending one-on-one time with your pup strengthens your bond and assists in preventing annoying, attention-seeking behaviors like barking or whining. A veterinary doctor online consultation might be a good option for further suggestions on brain-stimulating fun activities. For the best animal healthcare options, visit http://dccpets.in/