5 Strategies To Run A High-Performing Bulk Email Campaign

Four billion people globally use their email accounts on the daily. That’s reason enough to use it for circulating your bulk email campaigns as it is an important channel for distributing your organic and marketing content. So, you can opt to use a bulk email service, which enables you to send the same email to multiple prospects, making your campaign efficient.

However, if you want your campaign to perform, you need to strategize and require proper planning and execution. Here are five strategies to help you do so:

Declutter Your Mailing List

The email addresses in your marketing list need to be updated frequently because it gets infested with spammy email ids, outdated ones, or even those that don’t exist. Most emails won’t get delivered if you send your bulk email campaign without decluttering the list. In addition, they will make your campaign sustain an inflated bounce rate which would dent your efforts.

Thus, after every attempt at a bulk email campaign, create a list of email ids that didn’t deliver and remove those subscribers. Doing that will ensure that you get better results.

Optimize Content

Talking about email content, your subject title should be convincing enough for a person to open it. So you need first to identify the message you want to convey through your email. Then, make sure that you come up with a subject title that is creative enough to grab your prospects’ attention. At their first glance, they should know why they should open your email and how they will benefit from it.

Once you’ve got them to open your email, you need to retain their interest. Hence, you need to keep your email body short. Otherwise, your prospects will close it without giving it a read.

Moreover, always give your emails a personal touch to delight customers. It can increase your open rate by 5% than generic ones.

Focus On Layout

It’s important to design your mail copy in a way that attracts your readers and compels them to read it. Also, balance the amount of video, images, and written content in the layout to make it aesthetically appealing.
Besides this, it should also be easy to read and visually appealing on multiple gadgets.
53% of your recipients will open your email on their mobile phones, so the layout needs to be mobile-friendly. This means it should fit on their mobile screens, so modify it accordingly.

Avoid Spam Triggers

Some keywords or phrases are a red flag, and you need to avoid them at all costs. In case you do use these spam triggers in your email subject line or body contains, your email will be labeled as spam.
It is not only about the content, even adding a lot of links or media can lead to email being marked as spam.

Media Files

Avoid the use of heavier media files like video or HD image files in your bulk email marketing campaigns. The reason behind it is simple, heavy media is challenging to load. So your email will take time to load on mobile, and the recipients will leave without viewing it.


Adding unnecessary links can also make your email end up in the promotion or spam section. That doesn’t mean that you cannot add links to your email body at all. For example, there can be links that direct your users to your blog, your ecommerce store, or even your homepage. However, you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it.


No one can provide you with specific spam trigger words because these words vary depending on the industry and the function. However, through thorough research, you can figure out your industry’s spam words or phrases.
It is important to do that to ensure that none of these terms or phrases are used in your subject line or body. If that happens, your whole email campaign will just turn to dust.

Create A Reputable IP Address

We did say that personalization is a crucial factor in running successful marketing emails. But by personalization, we don’t mean sending out emails using your personal email address.
Instead, we encourage the use of a dedicated email address for running bulk email campaigns. However, before sending your first group of emails, you need to warm up your IP address.
Warming up an IP address means working on your IP address’s reputation. Here is how you can do it:
Send casual emails to your friends and colleagues
A minimum of 10-20 emails need to be sent from a new email ID
Pick your most engaged or active subscribers to send out the first batch of bulk email
Remove bounced or undelivered emails quickly

Wrapping Up

The best bulk email marketing campaign are the ones that are thoroughly planned. Review every aspect of your plan. Make a conscious effort, properly plan, and implement them effectively. Only then will you be able to create a high-performing email marketing campaign.

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