The big day is getting closer by the second – whether it is your partner’s birthday, your father’s retirement party, a friend’s wedding, or some other celebratory event, there is always the impending pressure of what gift to give. You can spend time racking your brain, scrolling through Instagram, and searching google, or you can make it easy by shopping a thoughtful piece of jewelry from Karma & Luck!  

Clear quartz is an impeccable stone that is known for striking inspiration, clearing the mind, and promoting creativity. In this article, we will embark on a journey to discover the unique and beautiful clear quartz jewelry pieces that the Karma & Luck artisans have crafted for you! Read on to discover our top five favorite picks!

The 5 Tantalising Clear Quartz Jewellery Pieces

Listed below are five stand-out clear quartz jewellery pieces from Karma & Luck!

  1. Absolute Devotion – Heart Evil Eye Clear Quartz Triple Layer Necklace 

Love, trust, and devotion are what life is truly all about. When we love what we do, trust those in our lives, and are devoted to ensuring that we live our best lives, everything else falls seamlessly into place. 

This meaningful necklace radiates all three of these factors combined, making it the perfect gift for someone that you cherish in your life. This masterfully created piece is a triple-layered necklace made up of hand embedded diamond chips, white and blue enamel, a heart charm, and a dazzling clear quartz stone – the perfect mix of materials for radiating soothing energy, peace, and security. 

The clear quartz stone featured in this necklace promotes a sense of better decision-making abilities and empowers the wearer to enhance their focus on achieving their goals in life. 


  1. Master Healer – Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace 

As a “master healer”, clear quartz can operate as a potent bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world, allowing you to heal at a deeper level.This statement piece embodies poise, substance, and spiritual healing. This 6 x 20 mm clear quartz charm necklace features a solid clear crystal on the base attached to a spectacular golden chain. It is the epitome of minimalist design and trendy fashion. 

The featured piece of clear quartz in this necklace enables clarity of the mind, body, and soul, while also pulling the wearer towards focus and alignment. This necklace is one that will shield your loved ones against negative energy, whether it is animosity at work, bad vibes, or anything else, the evil eye symbol in this necklace will surely take care of it. This evil eye pointer necklace is a premium quality, handmade piece retailing for $129. 

  1. Soulful Sound – Clear Quartz Blue Topaz Evil Eye Pointer Earrings 

The crystals that this statement piece features are 100% authentic clear quartz, which is known to encourage a gleam of light, a sense of hope, and amplify lifeforce energy. Our soul may be blissfully wandering off on the journey to embrace new discoveries, but this stone will serve as a shield of protection, making the process easier and less riddled with obstacles. 

The “Soulful Sound” earrings are priced at $89 and come with gift packaging, which not only adds to its value but also provides a safe home for the earrings that you gift. They are intricately handcrafted pieces made using 5 x 10 mm clear quartz stones and are 18K gold plated. 

  1. Fiery Leader – Aries Hematite Clear Quartz Bracelet 

This bracelet serves as the perfect way to add substance and vitality to your loved one’s life. This Aries bracelet is made with superior craftsmanship to ensure that the bracelet you gift to your friends and family will last a lifetime. It is made with premium quality 18K gold plated brass which adds an extra element of value to the design. 

These frosty white stones of clear quartz are found in pegmatites, which are igneous rocks with enormous crystals. Beryl, topaz, and aquamarine are some of the other minerals that can be found in pegmatites. Igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks all include clear quartz. Clear quartz has the extraordinary ability to cleanse all seven chakras, thus improving spiritual health. 

It is priced at $79, this is the perfect bracelet for a friend or family member born in April. With the Aries symbol and the clear quartz stone, this birthstone bracelet will call peaceful and loving energy into their life. 

  1. Soulful Substance – Clear Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace 

Is someone close to you struggling with imbalance? They cannot quite get a grip on their surroundings, the events that are taking place in their life, or even their day-to-day routine? Luckily, you can fix that for them by giving them a “Soulful Substance” clear quartz necklace. Aside from it being a beautiful piece of jewelry, this immaculate necklace allows the wearer to reflect on their surroundings, absorb what they are dealing with, clear their minds, and then tackle the situation with grace. 

Made with 100% authentic and genuine crystals, the “Soulful Substance Double Pointer” necklace retails at $139. Karma & Luck aims to rejuvenate our customers’ energy with each and every piece, while prioritizing style and elegance. 

Grab These Stunning Clear Quartz Gifts

For anyone who feels confined or bewildered, clear quartz is an excellent all-purpose stone. It is said to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit, as well as offer clarity and activate intuition. It enhances your spiritual path by strengthening your connection to your higher self. Clear quartz is utilized in spiritual practices such as meditation, therapy, and restorative work as it improves mental clarity. 

This protective gemstone is just what you need to shower your friends and family with love, whether in the form of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet! Did you find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life? Visit our website to check out Karma & Luck’s full range of sparkling clear quartz jewelry and give the gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.


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