We cannot deny the fact that the ratio of HIV is increasing with time and we need to look for something that can help in the prevention. HIV can cause death as people do not even get it tested due to negligence. Medical departments have now started a campaign to spread awareness among people regarding the causes, prevention, and treatment of HIV. 

One can take better precautions if he is aware of the reasons that can cause HIV. Here, we have elaborated some suggestions that can help you stay protected. Let’s explore the details: 


Have Less Physical Interaction 

The first important thing is to have less physical interaction with other people. If you come to know that any person from your circle is diagnosed with HIV, try to limit your interaction with him. It will keep you in a protected zone and the chances of getting affected will also reduce. 

HIV-infected patients should also maintain a distance from other people. Physical activities like exercise and brisk walking are crucial to staying fit. It is a fact that physically fit people usually have a high immune system and they are less prone to diseases. 


Get Tested for STD

Everyone must get tested for STD because it can clearly show the initial signs of HIV and early detection can help in better treatment. STDs include a variety of tests like a urine sample, blood sample, or may be a swab from inside the mouth. People usually avoid getting themselves tested but STD is mandatory for HIV prevention

Those who go for monthly checkups usually stay safe as even if they get diagnosed with a disease, early diagnosis helps in recovery. So, make sure that you do not skip monthly STDs. 


Avoid injecting Drugs 

Doctors agree on this point that injecting drugs can lead to multiple side effects. So, oral use of drugs is better than injecting them.  Moreover, used or expired needles for injections can cause problems because the infection can transfer through them. If you consider the reasons for prostate cancer, drug injection is one of the main reasons for it. 

Druggies usually do not bother about such things and they inject the drug with a shared needle that ultimately transfers the virus from one person to another. In short, one should take care of such things. 


Get Tested for HIV  

HIV testing is important even if you do not find any symptoms in the body. Apart from a blood test for STDs, HIV testing can save you from severe conditions. Most severe diseases get cured due to early detection and the only thing that proves helpful in this regard is testing. 

You should make a routine of testing as doctors usually recommend monthly testing that includes urine, HIV, and blood testing. However, when it comes to scanning and passing rays from the body, such tests require a gap of at least 6 to 9 months. So, make sure you get it consulted with your doctor. 


By bkcase