5 Tips To Choosing Best Blackout Blinds For A Better Night's Sleep

A well-ventilated house is always beneficial for the health of the family living there.   The free flow of fresh air and sunshine helps homes to be airy and free of germs. However, at certain hours of the day, blackout shades are needed to block out the harsh UV rays of the Sun; this also helps to maintain the room temperature from being too hot due to outdoor heat. 

How It Helps 

A wide range of blinds, drapes, and blocking shades are available for beautiful window treatments. But if you are living in a place where daytime temperature rises, then blackout shades will be a better choice. 

  • They remain fixed in their position and do not shift with strong winds or air movement. 
  • These shades effectively block out outside light completely and provide a calm and serene ambiance inside rooms.
  • This allows elderly people or small children to sleep peacefully without the disturbance of light intrusion.
  • They give adequate privacy to rooms when it is needed. 

Types Of Shades

There are a few choices in the operational features of various blackout shades. The shades can be installed with a manual or motorized mechanism for greater ease of handling. 

  • Roller shades
  • Honeycomb shades
  • Roman shades 
  • Zebra shades
  • Pirouette shades
  • Silhouette shades 

There are different types of shades available in a variety of colors and designs with different dealers. Customized designs and patterns are done based on individual client requirements.  

Shades and drapes are available in dark solid colors to completely block out lights. Additional features are also available like leaving them partially open or using semi-opaque shades that permeate light to some extent. 

You may choose according to the requirement of blocking the light in a particular room or having partial light come through the shades. 

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Shade

The arrival of summer means hot and sunny days.  Installing shades over your windows will be necessary for comfortable living. A few important aspects need to be kept in mind. 

Here they are. 

  • Blocking the sunlight is required for certain rooms. When you are selecting blackout shades for your home, always remember that they may not be needed in all the rooms. You need to carefully analyze the rooms where light needs to be blocked like the nursery or the bedrooms but not the living room or the study. 
  • Creating a blended contrast is needed for home décor. Stark contrasting shades in each room may reflect a lack of cohesion in the complete look of the house. Therefore, you can select the same dark shades for bedrooms and lighter shades for other rooms. 
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the shades regularly will be necessary. For this reason, you have to ensure that the fabric or material is washable and easy to clean. 
  • Pricing of blackout shades will be a deciding factor too. Having these installed in all the rooms will entail costs for which budgeting will be essential. Choosing one that suits your budget will be prudent. 
  • When you choose shades it is important to ensure that these are safe in their operations. Always check for sharp edges or features that may pose danger to the curious minds of small children. 


Shade installations on windows bring several benefits of comfort, style, and privacy. 

  • Prevents noise pollution from entering bedrooms, the study, or the nursery. If you have a media room where noise cancellation is needed, shades will be very useful in blocking sound and light. 
  • Temperature control and energy saving are possible. Air conditioners work faster because outside heat is blocked. 
  • Shades prevent excess light and heat from entering rooms. This helps furnishings and the furniture of the rooms retain their glossy texture and finish. Sun rays rob them of their polish and make them look faded. 
  • The presence of shaded help brings restful sleep and relaxation at any hour of the day. This is important for people who work late at night or stay awake at night. 

While sunshine is needed for a home, the need for coziness of the home along with privacy is equally important. A proper selection of shades for the house can bring about the right balance in ventilation and protection.