5 unique ways to propose your partner

Proposing for marriage is one of the most emotional and intimate moments you’ll experience in your life whether you’re the one proposing or being proposed. Planning a proposal can be hard as people struggle to find unique and exciting ways to pop the question. If you’re planning to ask for your partner’s hand in the near future, use this unique ways of proposal guide to help you plan your moment better.

  1. Treasure hunt

Suggest playing a game of treasure hunt, either on a regular day or as an activity on a special day such as birthday or valentine’s. Leave clues all around the place for them to find. You can make the clues cuter as well by using moments, objects or incidental clues from your love story over the years of togetherness. Get them all pumped up till they reach the final clue leading to the treasure which will be the ring wrapped in a beautiful little box and hand decorated. And then pop the question. 

  1. On top of the world

If you and your partner are hiking enthusiasts, suggest a hiking trip to the top of a mountain or hillside. Time it so you can either catch the sunrise, sunset or do it while the clouds collect at your feet. Then you can go down on one knee to pop the question and make them feel on top of the world, by literally being on top of the world. Since the hidden halo engagement rings are trending, you can buy it for the proposal. 

  1. Recreate their favourite movie or series proposal scene

You could recreate a proposal scene from their favourite movie or series. Use your friends if there are more people involved the scene. To make it more realistic, try matching the clothes and the location with the movie as well. If your partner really is that much into the movie, halfway through the setting they’re going know and wonder what you’re up to. Maintain their excitement by popping the question after the perfect recital of dialogues then and watch them swooning over just like the character in the movie. 

  1. Glow in the dark letters

This way of proposal is best planned on a dark night. Arrange the glow letters either on the wall, behind the curtain, on the ceiling on anywhere you think they’ll notice. Turn off the lights then and let the sparkle in your partner’s eyes make the moment shine.

  1. Keep it private

If you’re not a people person and prefer keeping things private, you could still make the proposal special right at home. While they’re at work, decorate the house with pictures and memories of you two. Get all the things they like, like their favourite candles, flowers, gifts, etc. You could also prepare their favourite meal and create a restaurant-like setting right at home so it feels like a date. Then when they arrive from work, pamper them and make them feel special, before you get down on one knee and ask them to be yours forever. It’ll be a very intimate and emotional moment for both to witness without the awkward presence of anyone else. No matter where or how you decide to pop the question, the moment is still going to be special and remembered for the rest of your lives. The messiest and funniest of proposals have also made people smile every time they think of it. So don’t worry too much and let your heart decide the right moment. For best ring options, try out engagement ring London and get a variety of choices.

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