Accessories are very important pieces when it comes to style, and if there is one accessory that makes the difference, it is, without a doubt, a luxury bag. The aura of exclusivity and elegance offered by these signature bags from the best brands is unmatched by any other piece of clothing.


Take a look at 7 of the best handbag types known for their high quality, iconic designs and attention to detail. This list contains some of the most popular brands in the world, a complete list of the main brands of women’s bags. These can be purchased from handbags on sale supplier.

1. Women’s Crossbody Bags

These are a very chic discovery of designers, fashionistas love it and wear it every time they have the opportunity. It is suitable for the moments when you want to go on a trip, but at the same time you want a unique outfit.


  • Calvin Klein crossbody bag
  • Guess crossbody bag
  • Calvin Klein crossbody bag in ecological leather

2. Unconventional Women’s Bags

Those bags like muffins, phones, dolls and many other crazy shapes that cannot go unnoticed. There are bags that cannot be worn everywhere, but they can only attract attention when they match the whole outfit.


These are some of the most beautiful, original and crazy models that conquer the world just by their mere presence. Look to own them and get out of the monotony!


  • Love Moschino bag
  • Pepe Jeans bag
  • Meli Melo gray globe spherical bag

3. Women’s Micro Bags

You may already be familiar with the mini bag trend – but for this year, bags are getting smaller. So small, that it’s possible that there won’t even be room for the phone. This year, micro bags are the ones that attract attention, and they are an absolute must-have. To get it, you can search online on brand websites or wholesale at dhgate.


  • Love Moschino bag
  • Small bag from the Nobo collection
  • Guess bag with logo

4. Clutch Bags For Women

A clutch is much more than a simple handbag. These stylish bags come in different shapes, styles and sizes. Only your personal taste and style decide, which will be your favorite. But if you want a real piece that stands out, you should opt for an accessorized, metallic clutch with sequins and other details that stand out. An evening clutch with gold or silver glitter is the perfect accessory for an evening outfit.


  • Hannah gold clutch bag
  • Glory black clutch bag

5. Envelope Bags

Envelope bags will always have a special place at parties and will do wonders for a modern and minimalist look during the day. This year, however, we see a gradual move towards more delicate silhouettes, which will continue until 2022. The envelope bag is perfect both for a smart-casual look and for cocktails alike.


  • Small envelope shoulder bag
  • Black envelope with magnetic closure and chain bar

6. Women’s Backpack

Among the most iconic women’s bags is the backpack that made history, becoming a piece that every fashionista should have in her closet. From casual to designer, there are many elegant options suitable for women all over the world and they are the perfect alternative for a casual look or a more elegant one.


  • Answear Lab – Black leather satchel
  • Jenny Fairy imitation leather backpack
  • Guess – Ecological leather backpack

7. Women ‘s Wallets

The wallet is an indispensable accessory in the arsenal of women and men. Whether you need a small wallet or a larger one, here are some of the latest designs of women’s wallets. Find the new wallet from your favorite brands, such as Guess, Tommy Hillfinger, Mango, Desigual, Answear and many others.


  • Calvin Klein wallet collection
  • Love Moschino wallet
  • Versace Jeans Couture wallet