6 Key benefits of starting a corporate recycling program

Over the last couple of years, sustainability and recycling have become some of the most discussed topics in the world of business. Putting aside the obvious environmental implications we should all take notice of, one of the reasons why green initiatives left such a strong mark on the corporate world is that they make the economy much leaner and ultimately boost the bottom line of the organizations that take part in the action.

We all have a pretty good idea about the positive effects sustainable practices have on the operations of one company. Now, it’s time to see the other side of the coin and quickly go through a couple of major benefits of implementing the corporate recycling program.

Recycling reduces the operating expenses

While thinking about the ways they can reduce the annual overhead costs, companies usually don’t pay too much attention to waste management. In most cases, they pay the annual bill, write off the costs and just keep going. However, developing recycling strategies can have a very positive effect on these expenses. First and foremost, you are reducing the amount of generated waste so you automatically cut the disposal costs. Second, recycling companies can offer more affordable services than city garbage collection companies, so you have more options on the table.

A positive influence on the brand image

People like brands that take a stance and get involved in some important issue are usually better received by the general public. In a recent survey about corporate social responsibility, 88% of examinees stated they would be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues. As many as 87% would buy a product with a social and environmental benefit if given the opportunity. Keeping these numbers in mind we can only summarize that integrating some form or recycling strategy and using its products in the production can only benefit your company.

Opening up another source of revenue

Getting involved in recycling activities doesn’t have to be strictly limited to reducing the operating costs of your company. Of course, acquiring some of the professional plastic shredders will allow you to quickly dispose of the paper, cardboard, and plastic in-house and eventually pay off the investment. But, if you are ready to branch out you can acquire a couple of these machines, start your own small recycling gig and expand to the waste management industry. Staking a claim in developing and profitable industries was always a good safety net for growing companies.

Easy access to government grants

Environmental issues have become a global problem and governments all around the world are ready to join the struggle and change things for the better. One of the ways to do so is to provide lucrative green incentives and rebates for companies that are implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices. For instance, the EPA is rewarding a tax credit of $500 for each $100,000 invested in this sector. The same tax credit goes for each new employee added as a result of incorporating recycled products into the process. Examples like these can be found all around the world.

A way to engage the staff and increase productivity

Much like consumers in one of the previous examples, young prospective talents are also looking for job opportunities in companies that demonstrate a certain level of social responsibility. Looking at the topic from a closer perspective, we can observe that forming green recycling committees and other bodies is an excellent way to empower your employees, introduce a sustainable culture in your company and, as a result, help your workers attain a higher level of productivity. Offering incentives for various individual initiatives should put these efforts on healthy foundations and give them their own momentum.

Savings on new purchases

Last but not least, we would like that recycling initiatives like the ones you are planning to introduce in your organization are taking root all around the business world regardless of the industry in question. That is why various companies working in the retail sector are offering substantial discounts if you hand over the used waste for recycling. Although such examples are usually present in the tech world (used computers, cell phones, and other tech devices) they can be found in other areas as well so they make a financial factor you should, by all means, take into consideration.

We hope these few examples gave you a general idea about the ways recycling strategies can help your company leverage present-day eco-friendly sensibilities and set foundations for long-term gains. The world is experiencing considerable environmental problems and all parties are called up to raise their banners and join the good cause. Your company can do nothing but benefit by entering the arena.


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