You’ll want to cover your car in a blanket of fur at all times. Otherwise, it will wear out faster than you can say “Fast and Furious.”

Instead of building a garage, you can have carports to protect your vehicle from the sun, rain, and hail.

Garages are enclosed spaces and are usually annexed to your home. As such, constructing one can be expensive. However, this isn’t the only reason why this is a terrible choice, and you will learn why in this article.

Garages need permits

Garages are much more prominent in comparison to a carport. Depending on where you live, extra paperwork will probably make the process a burden.

You need to consult professionals to get the proper permits before building, which might take some time.

A carport can give extra space

Unlike a cluttered garage, a carport can have extra space for recreation. You can also use carports as shade under the sun. In many ways, a carport is similar to an outdoor porch, where you can do all sorts of activities.

A carport drives burglars away

Even though a garage is enclosed, it isn’t completely impenetrable.

Thieves can still force open locks or damage the walls of your garage, and it is more dangerous if your home doesn’t have a garage. How will you protect your car?

Instead of parking on the streets and inviting thieves to eye your vehicle from a distance, you can intimidate them with a carport.

When a carport is near the owner’s home, thieves will be less inclined to approach the car. Moreover, the car is much safer from vandalism.

A carport is easy to assemble

Building a garage involves a lot of planning and will take some time to finish. The decisions you make are permanent since you cannot change the placement of a garage.

In comparison, you can move a carport around anytime you like.

If you are in a hurry, a carport is pretty simple and straightforward to build. It’s simple enough that you can make it yourself, without hiring anyone. Doing so will help cut down expenses.

A carport is cheaper

For obvious reasons, installing a carport is cheaper than a garage. While you can use galvanized steel for the roofing, the frame can be made from either wood or steel.

The roof can be flat, ridged or gabled, to suit the style of your home.

In short, there are many choices available to accommodate your budget. On top of that, a carport doesn’t need any flooring to function correctly.

Placing it raw in your backyard over dirt and grass will work just fine.

You can customise a carport

Sometimes, a garage is added later than the house. It can give itself away because the style might look awkward or out of place. Hence, many people opt for a carport to match the preexisting style.

When you install a carport, you can search for clear sheeting that matches your home. In addition, you can align the paint job to the original color scheme. This will allow the carport to blend with ease into any style.

If you are short on funds, a carport is a way to go. A garage is more durable but less flexible as a result. Before you decide, it is advisable to run a checklist of your needs and weigh the pros and cons between a garage and a carport.