With millions of apps already populating the app store and newer apps getting launched with every passing day, it’s not an easy task at handy to reach out to your target customers. If you want to make your app visible to your prospective customers, App Store Optimization (ASO) is the first thing you should be doing. ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to achieve higher ranks in the search results of an app store page. Without proper optimization, your app will never appear under relevant searches, which can hinder its growth.

As a mobile app developer, it is not easy to maintain multiple tasks at the same time. Managing the development and keeping a track of the app’s performance on the app store are two completely different tasks and require dedicated human resources. An app store optimization company can help you with the right optimization strategies and ensure proper reach of your app. Here are a few strategies for app store optimization that can help make your app visible to boost downloads.

Appealing App Icon

An icon is nothing but an image of 512×512 pixels. This small image can be a game-changing factor for your app. A unique icon will help users to identify your app from other similar looking apps. This is the first thing a potential user will see when he or she searches for your app. This icon can boost the chances of conversion. Optimization of icons is not that complicated, but it’s very effective.

Catchy App Name

A catchy app name should be easy to pronounce and remember. It makes marketing through a verbal medium easier and more effective. Users will talk about your app in person and recommend it to others. People often search by app name rather than performing a random search for an app. This search by app name is due to effective verbal marketing. You should not ignore such an opportunity, so optimization of the app name is very crucial.

Provide Relevant Information in Description

A new user will download your app because of its functionality and productivity. Use the description field to provide all the relevant information about the app. This description increases the chances of conversion. A potential user will read the description of the features of the app and download it.

A description should be not too long or too short. It must provide all the relevant information about new updates, old bug fixes and increased performance as compared to its previous versions. By providing this information, you can assure the potential user that he or she is in the right place. This will be beneficial for him or her. The description is the third most important thing after icon and app name but equally important to gain relevance from new users.

Make Use of Visuals

GUI is a very important part of any mobile or desktop app. The question is how will you provide information about your app’s GUI (Graphical User Interface)? You can achieve this through screenshots and videos about the GUI of the application. GUI is a very important factor in the performance of the app and user experience. Providing a visual interpretation of the application’s functionality will not only help users to get a glimpse of the application, but it will also ensure the user that he or she is at the right place.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of competition is a very healthy practice in every business. Analysing the market and making strategies accordingly is always beneficial for a growing organization. This analysis consists of gathering information about similar applications in the app store.

This analysis will help in figuring out similarities between your app and other apps, which will help in making distinct changes to your app so that it can perform better and be different from other applications. This analysis will also help in figuring out what people are looking for in specific segments of applications. The best digital marketing agency always takes care of competition and its analysis.

Regular Analysis

All the above suggestions and strategies are incomplete without regular analysis. Analysis is crucial to understand the growth patterns and figure out reasons for unachieved targets. Gather information from various sources and process it to figure out where the efforts are effective and where more work is needed.

Analysis of data might be a difficult task to manage. In such cases, outsourcing to an analysis firm might be beneficial for a small business that is new in the market. Perform this analysis on a regular basis. Monitoring digital trends and their impact should also be a part of such analysis.

Follow these strategies to ensure the proper reach of your app. Apart from these strategies, social media marketing is also important to generate traffic to your app store page. Without new traffic, all the efforts you put in optimization will go in vain.