7 Benefits of Studying a Bachelor of Commerce in 2022

A Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate degree in business. It is offered in different countries around the world. Several colleges are offering Bachelor of commerce courses in Ahmedabad like Super 20 Training Institute.

While pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce you will study a wide range of business-related skills, designed to create well-rounded, confident graduates. Also, you will be required to choose to focus on a specific area of business as a major. Select that area of business as your major in which you are most interested. This decision will also be based on what your ambitions are after graduating.

Typical Bachelor of Commerce subjects include:

  • Accountancy
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Commerce and Management
  • Business Laws
  • Taxation
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Business Analytics and Digital Innovation
  • Marketing and Human Resource Management

There are several reasons why you should choose a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Some of the reasons why you should choose to study a Bachelor of Commerce are stated below:

  • Bachelor of Commerce will equip you with the tools and techniques to succeed. This degree is a great way for students to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of the business. Along with lectures, seminars, and discussion groups, it will provide the opportunity to gain practical experience and put what you learn into practice through internships, and work placements.
  • This degree will introduce you to the business world. Bachelor of Commerce professors and lecturers are professionals in their field and have expert subject knowledge along with industry knowledge that they can share with you. Learning under experts is a great way to experience the exciting world of business.
  • It will boost your employability as many employers consider a Bachelor of Commerce degree as an important qualification. Such a degree is a great tool to have in a competitive employment market such as business. The degree will provide you with the required subject knowledge and you can learn the application of the knowledge by taking up internships and/ or actively participating in the Finance or Economics or any other club relating to the business areas. This will provide you the practical exposure that will make you an attractive candidate at the time of recruitment.
  • Bachelor of Commerce will provide you with the general skills that an undergraduate degree can offer you and it will also shape your degree to be unique to your interests. As you will be learning about the fundamentals of business in the initial years of the degree, it will help you to choose the subject specialization as you progress in your studies.
  • This degree will help you gain transferable skills as you will not only learn about business-specific skills on a Bachelors of Commerce degree. It will help you to develop skills such as:
  • Communication: This degree will provide you with several opportunities wherein you will be required to research in a particular area and then present your research to the class. It will also involve interaction with the faculty and among students. All this will improve the communication skills of the students.
  • Teamwork: As you will be given projects and assignments as a part of the course, it will involve you working with a team of other students wherein you may have to work as a team leader or a team member. You will experience the benefits and challenges of working in a team and this understanding will make you a better team player.
  • Negotiation: As you will be working with groups of other students, you will gain experience in conflict resolution and problem-solving.
  • Time management: As a student, you will be required to prepare your schedule, such as when you go to classes and complete your assignments on time. It will be your responsibility to adhere to the schedule and handle situations where the load is too much. This will teach you time management and prioritize the day’s task basis its importance and urgency.


A Bachelor of Commerce degree will not only provide you with the subject knowledge but will also provide you

Opportunities to learn for professionals and experts

Practical exposure through internships and club activities

Skills that are necessary for work-life

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