7 Most Iconic Places to Visit in Peru

South America has always been one of the most popular travel destinations for people around the world. And there are very few places in South America matching the level of beauty found in Peru. In earlier times when more people were not aware of this place. Now it comes under the list of must-see places in the world. The historical background that is still apparent in many parts of this country along with the extraordinary sceneries makes it full of everything that one can desire from a country.

Before you book a ticket in Peruvian airlines and proceed with preparations for Peruvian airlines check in process, make sure to put these places on your list.

The Rainbow Mountains

If you follow the recommendation about places to visit by National Geographic, you must have heard of this place. National Geographic lists this place in the list of top 100 places on earth that you should visit before you die. It is popularly known as Vinicunca in the native language. The colorful striped slopes make this mountain range spectacular.


The city of Cusco offers a lot of things you would love. You will get an idea about the amazing history of this place through the cobbled streets. Hike to Cristo Blanco if you want to have an amazing view of this city. Those who don’t like hiking or are unable to do it should get a bus. Cusco is full of markets that can make your trip even more amazing.

Lake Titicaca

If you are in Cusco, you can get here via train that runs between Cusco to Puno. It is a 10-hour journey and is considered one of the greatest train journeys in the world. Titicaca is the largest lake in South America. Some recent researches have made this lake one of the most mysterious lakes in the world.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is perhaps the first name that comes to our mind when we think about Peru. There are several clichés but it is unique in many respects. You can get here with Inca Trail or a train from Cusco. No matter what mean you use in order to get here but try to be there in the early morning. It would give you a glimpse of the amazing sunrise.

Salinas de Maras

If you are residing somewhere near the amazing valley of the Incas, Salinas de Maras is a place worth visiting. This is a nice landscape that has been made up of a combination of more than 3 thousand small pools. These small pools have constituted together to form a nice mountainside. The pools of this place are fed through underground springs that was originated 110 million years ago.

The Andes Mountains

You must be familiar with this name as it is the longest mountain range in the world. Apart from being the longest mountain range, it also houses some of the highest peaks, ancient civilization ruins, and several volcanoes. This place is also known as the source for treating malaria. This mountain range was formed about 50 million years ago after the collision of south American and Pacific tectonic plates.

The National Capital Lima

Lima is the capital city of Peru. This city is the perfect mixture of history along with a metropolitan lifestyle. Despite being the most populated city of this country, it is very charming. You can see the Spanish influence everywhere in this city whether it be the museums, art galleries, churches, etc.

Final thoughts

Peru is definitely a place worth visiting if you are a travel enthusiast. Getting there would be really easy with Peruvian airlines. You can get a connecting or direct flight based on your location. Visit the official website for more information including the details of the Peruvian airlines check in process.

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