Headphones have become a necessity today. Along with music, they have a role to play in making and receiving calls, watching movies, playing games online, and much more. Due to such reasons, it is essential to have headphones that travel with you. By carrying your headphones everywhere, you must be thinking that they might experience wear and tear over time and might demand an upgrade. Now the question is, what is the right time for you to upgrade your headphones? 

Here are some of the common signs for you to notice:

Use of stock headphones

Suppose you are using the earbuds or headphones that came with your mobile phone or any gadget case; it is essential to upgrade them quickly. This is because these headphones are mainly cheaper models given by the device manufacturers as means of selling their equipment. These stock headphones are usually inadequate when it comes to sound quality and not durable enough to last a more extended time.

The headphones you use are uncomfortable.

No matter what the brand and style of your headphones are, if they are being used for a more extended period, they should be comfortable. Comfort here indicates good quality ear cushions and pads or an efficiently in-ear designed model. If you are using over-ear headphones, they should have a well-equipped headband. If your headphones aren’t comfortable, they can cause severe headaches and a poor sound experience.

Therefore it is better to spend some time investigating various options that you have, as there are many options out there to suit your listening habits.

You prefer the excellent sound quality.

This can be a great reason to upgrade your headphones. No matter how great the current headset is, we always look for improvement, and with an increase in technological advancement, we look out for better and improved options. A true music lover keeps an eye on some new and improved ways to make their music experience good.

Volume isn’t consistent.

At times, the higher the volume is, the more terrible the sound is, and this particular thing indicates its time to upgrade headphones. It becomes a hassle to turn the volume low so that your eardrum doesn’t blow out. The inconsistent volume makes it impossible to enjoy podcasts or audiobooks, and music listening becomes poor.

Your workout

We often listen to fast music while working out, but most headphones aren’t designed for such intensive exercise and hence need to be replaced due to sweating. For such a purpose, sports headphones come to the rescue, and if you opt for standard headphones, their life span is relatively short for workouts, and they get damaged if not maintained properly. Therefore it’s better to opt for either sports headphones or another pair for a workout only so that your primary set is safe.

Your ears get hurt

Noise-cancelling headphones are fantastic to keep, but when we use them on some long journeys, they end up making our ears sore, and we have to take a break from them. This shouldn’t happen in the first place as we do have access to comfortable earbuds, and along with that, a good quality set of over-the-ear headphones are able to bypass external noise without exhaustion.

Moreover, for instance, you got a pair of headphones as a gift, but they may not be the right fit and may lead to some discomfort and pain. Some of us aren’t comfortable if the buds go directly in our ears, so it is better to look for some other options that give you a better idea of what goes best with your fit. Although comfort is essential, the sound will also be reduced if you don’t have a proper fit for your ears.

The wire issues

This doesn’t go for everyone but imagine you spend 15 minutes of your time fixing and untangling your headphones cord, and then you can feel how annoying this can be. Wireless headphones are available, and you may think about upgrading them too.

For people using non-wireless options, you may encounter a ragged cord that starts to short out, resulting in one of the earbuds being silent. You can manage for a while with one earbud working, but it will hurt that one ear of yours after some time, with all wireless options around you. It is better to opt for one of them and avoid cord problems you may face in the future.

If you experience any of these signs, it’s clear that your headphones demand an upgrade, and you need to look out for new ones in the market.