Betta Fish

Betta fish are a wonderful addition to any household, but they aren’t meant to live with humans. Betta fish are tropical fish and like other tropical fish, they do not survive in cold weather. You can keep a Betta fish with you in an aquarium or small bowl, but it’s not ideal. There are a few things you can do to help your Betta fish live as long as possible. Read more below that will help you ensure the longevity of your Betta fish.

Ensure Heating Is Adequate

Betta fish can’t survive without heat. The water in the tank or bowl needs to be kept warm at all times. You can use a heating pad under the bowl or aquarium, but if your Betta is housed in a bowl, you’ll need to do it manually by putting warm water in and out of the bowl regularly. If you’re housing your Betta fish in an aquarium, make sure there are no holes in the glass that would let cool air into the tank.

Keep The Water Clean

The longer your Betta fish lives, the more likely it is that he will live a long time if you keep his tank free of debris and clean his water regularly. It might be tempting to not change his water for a few days because he doesn’t seem to mind, but it will eventually lead to illness and death if you don’t change it on a regular basis. You should also clean the filter on occasion and get rid of any dead fish in the tank.

Watch Your Betta Fish

Betta fish are very interesting to watch, but it’s important that you don’t get too involved in your Betta’s life. If you pay attention to your Betta, he will seem more interesting, but if you start feeding him for him and giving him extra attention, he will lose a lot of the natural behaviors that make him so fascinating. Watch him from time to time and don’t overdo it.

Keep pH At Neutral Or Alkaline

It’s important to keep the pH of your tank at a neutral or alkaline level to help your Betta fish. Tap water with a pH level of around 7, is ideal. If you live in an area with hard water, you can use vinegar to soften it and maintain the pH level.

Add Some Floating Live Plants

Betta fish love plants. They’re also much more likely to survive when they have live plants in their home. You can put a few floating plants on the surface of your Betta’s bowl or aquarium and watch them take off exploring. Betta fish just like to have something to explore and these plants will provide that for them.

Keep Decorations Simple

The more decorations you add to your Betta fish’s home, the more it can stress out your Betta fish. The smaller space also makes it difficult for your Betta fish to explore and find a safe place to hide.

Feed A High- nutritious Diet

Betta fish need a high-nutrient diet. They can eat flakes, pellets, or frozen food. But, it’s best to feed them live foods. Live foods provide your Betta with the nutrients it needs to be healthy and thrive. Feeding your Betta live foods will help it grow strong fins and a beautiful body.