7 Valuable Tricks To Know To Learn & Excel In Maths Subject

Children seem to be comfortable with maths in their primary classes. But as they reach secondary school, they start to develop fear in this subject. This starts at Class 6 and peaks at Class 9 where they simply avoid practicing maths. This could be due to lack of knowledge of basic concepts of each and every chapter in the syllabus. Perhaps, they are not aware of the formulas or do not know where to use them correctly. It is all these issues that make Maths subject an alien to them. However, practicing regularly ncert solutions for class 9 maths will enable you to gain confidence in your abilities and score good marks.

Tricks to learn Mathematics faster

  • Self-study: It is considered to be an efficient way to master maths. You should focus on self-study to better understandthe different concepts. Regular practice also helps you to get familiarized with complex/tough topics covered in the syllabus. If you get stuck when solving any question, spend valuable time to understand the process in-depth to solve it. Once you are able to grasp the initial problem, you can move ahead to solve the rest of the question easily.
  • Master concepts and basics: This is crucial to solve sums from different chapters given in the syllabus. If you lack knowledge in basics, you are likely to struggle with doing even easy sums. Avoid memorizing all the processes that are involved in solving a Math problem. It will only become counter-productive. Try to understand the logic and process that goes behind it. Be clear with the main concepts to have a good grip on the subject. It will also enable you to remember for a lifetime and allow you to sit for various competitive exams. Geometry and Algebra are considered to be the building blocks for advanced math that you will study later on in higher classes. If you get stuck at anypoint, you can take the help of experts like Cuemath for better understanding.
  • Know Tables thoroughly: Memorize tables at least till 20. Doing so will enable you to attempt sums easily and quickly. Otherwise, you will only lose precious time. Learning is a never-ending process. It can help simplify a wide range of questions that involvedivision, multiplication, square roots, square, HCF, LCM, etc. on your fingertips.
  • Practice hard: It is undoubtedly the key to achieve sure success in this tough exam. Merely by listening and reading, you cannot study maths. It requires lots of practice, dedication and understanding of the basic concepts. Solve problems as much as possible to get acquainted with the patterns.
  • Apply mathematics to real life problems: Use real world problems while practicing maths. At times, maths can be quite abstract. Thus, taking a practical approach is sure to help change your very perspective as well as assimilate ideas differently. For example, if you practice identifying the averageof numbers, then this number should be selected from an interesting activity.
  • Familiarize with tricks for easier and faster calculation: Certain techniques can be used to ease calculations. Several tricks when used at the correct place can help solve faster tough questions. Such techniques can be customized with regular practice. You may also use Vedic Maths techniques for calculation purposes. For example:
    • Quick Square Root: For large numbers, divide number into numerous parts, like:
      • Find √ 1936: √ 484 x √ 4 = √ 121 x √ 4 × √ 4 = 11 x 2x 2 = 44.
      • Dividing by 5: It is really simple to divide any large number with 5. Multiple by 2 first and then move decimal point, like: 525/5
        • Step 1 = 525 x 2 = 1050.
        • Step 2 = Move Decimal – 105.0 or simply 105
      • Multiply by 11: First take any original number. Then assume a space is present between two digits. In 63, for example, take 6_3. Then and together the two numbers and place them right in the middle like 6_(6+3)_3. This will provide you with 693.

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