7 ways how Washing Machine has made your life easier

With the dawn of technology, a lot of inventions were discovered and each of them in one way or the other has continued to improve the living standard of the human race. One such contribution is the invention of a washing machine. The use of a washing machine is a convenient form of washing clothes and a stress free way to do laundry. 

As the washing machine has evolved, the new features and functionalities have not only benefitted us through automated processes with reduced manual intervention but also resulted in cleaner, germ-free clothing. 

Below are the 7 ways in which Washing Machines have simplified our lives:

  • Time Saver

A washing machine could be a vast time saver over hand washing. You simply place your clothes and begin the laundry cycle. Moreover with advanced features like Turbo Wash in most LG machines, the power motion wash action system along with increased water temperature helps enhance the speed of washing without sacrificing on performance. The Jet Spray even sprays clean tap water onto your clothes making rinsing even more efficient. 

  • Gentle handing of laundry

We often attach a lot of sentiment to clothing and hence we can’t risk anything which could potentially damage it. That’s where the AI DD Motor Washing Motion Optimization in the LG washing machine 7kg AI Direct Drive Washer Dryer with Steam & TurboWash 360˚ makes perfect sense. 

Through this enhancement, it not only detects the weight, but also senses softness of fabric and chooses the optimal motion for the fabric. The 6 motion Direct Drive Technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions taking utmost care of not damaging the fabric while not compromising on the wash. 

Even the economical range of top load inverter LG washing machine come with specific modes for washing woolen wear, denims, quick wash for lightly soiled clothes and smart cleaning for detergent free clothes. 

  • Twin washing

Increase in specialized garments and delicate fabrics often lead to the need for separate wash routines. This can often become painstaking and stressful. However thanks to features such as Twin Wash laundry in the latest LG models, you can now wash two loads of laundry at once. The top washer handles larger and sturdier clothing while the bottom washer handles the delicates. This advancement is the result of LG’s path-breaking machine technology as well extensive user feedback conducted globally to understand washing routines. 

  • Germ-free clothes

We live in times where air pollution is on the rise and clothing can unknowingly become a carrier of these pollutants. However with LG’s Steam Technology, you can be assured of clothes which are not just washed but free of 99.9% allergens which can lead to allergy or respiratory issues. The advanced Steam technology is the best way to deep clean your kids’ clothing while also ensuring softening of fabrics without the use of chemical softeners.

  • Space saving

The all-in-one washer and dryer feature can save on space and make more room for more essential things. With a total time of 160 minutes on a LG Washer Dryer machine, you can enjoy hassle free laundry without having to worry about drying your washed clothes. 

  • Wrinkle-free clothing

While one aspect of laundry is washing, the other thing which cannot be ignored is the wrinkles which appear on the clothes post washing. With the advanced steam technology, the wrinkles which are formed during dehydration disappear through the steam during tumble motion leading to 30% less wrinkles. 

  • Easy to operate & Economical

As technology is increasing, things are getting easier nowadays and washing machines are far easier to operate even by those who are not tech-savvy. LG ThinQ with Wi-Fi makes laundry much more convenient and smart control enables you to do your laundry anytime, anywhere. And with the focus on energy efficiency, you need not worry about a huge electricity bill. 

Infact LG was the 1st to introduce India’s first ever range of 5 star rated washing machines with Inverter technology in a very affordable range. The 7kg 5 Star, Sapience priced at Rs 22990 comes with Smart Inverter Technology and has a 5 star rating 

To conclude, the washing machine is an invention which continues to add value to our homes so that you can spend precious time for yourself and your family while not having to rummage through laundry piles.

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