7 Ways to Have an Unforgettable Summer with Your BFF

A world without friends would surely be a boring one. Friendship is one of the few important relationships in one’s life. No matter how difficult life may become but friends simply know how to light up our world. From sharing happy moments to keeping each other’s secrets, I developed an unbreakable bond with my best friend. Sadly, sometimes my career and family matters take over this beautiful relationship and I forget to prioritize some special time for her. But this summer I pledge to plan a few fun activities for my BFF and you can also join me in this journey. Here are the 7 ways by which you can make this summer season unforgettable for you and your BFF. 

  1. Plan A Spa Day Together 

In my opinion, caring for your friend is the new self-care. Search out the best salon and spa in your city and surprise your BFF with a skin-care session. Getting yourself all pampered up along with your BFF is surely going to be fun. Getting your favorite treatments done together will not only nourish your skin and hair but also your bond with each other. And after all, you’re long-awaited skin and hair treatments getting the same nail color will be your souvenir of this special day. 

  1. Explore Your Favourite City Together 

Do you and your BFF have a mutual dream city yet to be explored? I definitely can relate to this question. If yes, then what are you waiting for? This summer is the right season to fulfill all your adventure goals and make lifetime memories. Sit down and plan out a week in your favorite city together. Look for a good hotel, some beautiful locations, and mouth-watering dishes to try. These activities might seem trivial but are crucial in strengthening your bond. 

  1. Have A Shopping Blast 

From choosing the right dress for the event to picking the best photo to post on Instagram, I just can’t do without my best friend. As the summer season is here and demands some colorful summer dresses to wear, go on a shopping spree with your BFF. Choose some pretty summer dresses for each other and accessorize them with some intricate jewelry pieces. And getting the same dress for both of you will surely add a big smile to your BFF’s face. 

  1. Try A Scary Ride Together 

A scary ride also feels amusing when you are with your best friend. This summer season is the right time to try out that one scary ride you both have always been avoiding. When with BFF, you won’t even realize how quickly your fear will turn into giggles. This is the beauty of friendship that can turn your life upside down, but always for the good. 

  1. Have A Beach Day 

Summer calls for a beach day with your BFF. Check the weather updates and select a date with expected awesome weather. Next comes, getting a similar swimsuit and the final step is running into the water together. Spend the day together sunbathing and clicking some sun-kissed pictures of each other. Never forget to add these pictures to your BFF’s photo album to make these memories eternal. These fun times spent together will make this summer unforgettable. 

  1. Get Her Favourite Food Delivered At Her Office  

Long office hours especially in summers can be a drill. But I’ve come up with an idea to create some memories out of this as well. As friendships are all about caring for each other, how about surprising her at her office? Simply order her favorite food and get it delivered to her office. This way you will get two tasks done: number 1 getting her tummy filled with food and number 2 getting her heart filled with life. Sending food is a love language your BFF will surely love this idea.  

  1. Have A Girls’ Night In

Personally speaking, I love girls’ nights in than going outdoors. Nothing can beat the comfort of your house and the company of your best friend. Spending time together with your BFF at home can also be fun. You can do several fun activities together including having a jam session of your favorite songs, trying to cook a new dish, having a gossip session, and much more. 

Final Words

No doubt, even sitting idle with your BFF is also a time well spent. But still, there is much more you can explore together. These seven ways will surely help you make some unforgettable memories with your BFF. These are a must-try for all of you. Every BFF deserves this much and much more love.

By Roman Jaxon

Roman Jaxon is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Advisor & SEO Expert. He also loves to write content on various Niche. One of his popular niches is Business, tech, and Fashion, Lifestyle. He was born in Fresno, USA. He studied at Yale University, Cambridge. He is a passionate blogger who loves to work for 12-13 hours per day and Coffee lover. He hates the 9-5 jobs seriously.