Online Ordering Systems

Online ordering is here to stay. The growing adoption of online ordering systems is obvious, ain’t it? From MNCs launching their dedicated apps to teens starting their dropshipping business, online ordering is the way forward.
If your business is looking to employ an online ordering system today, here is a bright secret — You’re never late in the digital space.
To further ease the integration of ordering systems to grow your business, here is something helpful. We have articulated the 8 best online ordering systems for you.

Synonymous with ‘convenience’ and ‘efficiency’, CereKart is an all-inclusive solution. It simplifies your customers’ engagement with your business. Meeting the demands of tomorrow, CereKart leads the way with premium security features.
It streamlines the operations from vendor management to delivery personnel. Entirely driven by data, it reduces error and provides unparalleled insights into consumer behavior.
With advanced mobile app development solutions, CereKart is the ideal complement to your business operations.

Gloria Food
The online food delivery market is touted to cross the value of 150 billion USD in 2021. If you own a restaurant, there is no better time to explore the online ordering market than now.
Gloria Food — a leading online ordering system that allows your restaurant to take unlimited orders. Being a freemium system, Gloria Food also provides an on-demand delivery app.
Furthermore, they provide real-time analytics and detailed reports to increase your business’s efficiency. From confirming orders to centralizing delivery orders, Gloria Food enables it all through your smartphone.

Order Em
Quirky name, efficient services, maximum utility — OrderEm is a true allrounder in the online ordering space. They provide all the necessary tools to succeed in today’s digital business market.
They also provide on-demand app builders for your business to keep serving your customers. Also, they have their own delivery management software — DeliverEm which streamlines the delivery process.
With seamless integration, OrderEm provides a one-stop solution to all your online ordering needs.

Chain of restaurants? 20+ payment options?
If your business desires flexible utility, look no further than RestoLabs. A simple online ordering system that onboard customers with zero complications. Moving on, with push notifications and geofencing, your business can enjoy recurring sales from customers.
RestoLabs also engages in mobile app development and can tailor a mobile app to your business within 10 days. And this app is built to scale making it a hassle-free experience for owners.

For a B2B firm, an online ordering system is of paramount importance. It benefits the firm with accelerated sales and improved margins. Pepperi provides your business with a single platform that is customized to buyer-specific experience.
Designed to scale and adapt to B2B processes, Pepperi is a fully functional and customizable solution. Being an omnichannel platform, it is never taxing for business owners.
With a presence across 65 countries, Pepperi’s expertise in this domain is unrivaled. Their on demand delivery app has revamped user experience in several industries.

If you are looking to build an online marketplace with an assortment of top-notch features, Yelo has got you covered. From an attractive and customizable front-end to a robust and secure back-end, Yelo is a comprehensive solution.
Innovative features like a time-based menu and automated dispatch amongst others can be easily integrated with Yelo. Alongside JungleWorks’ professional delivery management, your business’s online operations are taken care of.
For ideal customer retention, you can provide gift cards, loyalty points, and other features.

Online ordering system, coupled with a marketing platform — MenuDrive is committed to easing your restaurant’s takeaway business. With a commission-free solution, MenuDrive increases your profitability by a fair margin.
With on-demand app builders, there exists a great opportunity to upsell your services.
Reaching out to more customers, engaging them with a loyalty program, personalizing their experience with birthday texts and emails. With all of these, MenuDrive ensures your customers never think of ordering from elsewhere.

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Square Online
Digitizing offline businesses is no more a headache for owners. With Square Online, your business can accept online orders in a trice. They sync your offline operations with your online platform.
This coexistence lets you manage your operations at ease. They ensure your online website is tailored to providing a smooth experience for your customers.
From online orders with POS integration to offering curbside pickup, Square is an absolute solution.
These are the 8 best online ordering systems to grow your business. The efforts to choose the best system are tedious. What if we solve it?
CereKart by Cerebrum Infotech is your ultimate solution. From innovative features to seamless deployment, CereKart provides an outright solution to all your online ordering needs.
And the best thing — CereKart is not limited to any industry. We provide industry-specific and future-proof solutions.
Repeating the secret — You’re never late in the digital space. So, contact us here and let us serve your needs.