8 gorgeous green kitchens that are forever to stay

Lately, you must have seen lots of greens in home décor. Fair to say that green is our generation’s grey. Indeed, it is a fresh, calming, and stylish color to add to your home décor. Especially when it comes to the kitchen, many people are still hesitant about using green colors in cabinets. If you have doubts about yourself, here are some irresistible green inspirations for you. 

Furthermore, it is perfectly normal to try these unusual accents in your kitchen interior. Believe it or not, these experiments are worth the design and price. For instance, if a rich emerald is your color, go for it. If dusty sage hues suit your taste, go for it. There is no limit to adopting any kitchen cabinetry style and design. Although, the lighting factor is crucial in this matter. 

  1. Dark green cabinetry
  2. Scandinavian green kitchen
  3. Sea green-hued cabinets
  4. The timeless olive green 
  5. Green cabinets, white walls
  6. Rustic green space
  7. Green in contrast
  8. Green in beadboard style

Dark green cabinetry:

The initial idea is to make a statement with dark green cabinetry. This dark shade of green is a dramatic color tone that sets a perfect mood for an alluring kitchen. Whether you have an open space or a compact closed kitchen, dark green cabinetry will make a stark statement in your home interior. 

Moreover, you can create a monochromatic theme with dark walls, green cabinets, and white counter space. And go for under cabinet lighting to brighten up the room. 

Scandinavian green kitchen:

Do you like the look of Scandinavian kitchens? Choosing mint green or sage green can help you achieve the Scandinavian outlook. In addition, pair this green with beige or ivory white wall décor and wooden inserts. As a result, it will bring good vibes and flair to your place. Then give the final touch with a light green marble backsplash. 

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Sea green-hued cabinets:

Sea green is another best color to design a perfect studio kitchen. In addition to the modern outlook, sea green-hued cabinets are ideal for beachy kitchens. Trust me; you will end up loving the décor forever. Also, keep the counter in a wooden texture to contrast with the theme. Remember, green is best when mixed with unexpected hues. 

The timeless olive green:

If you love what nature holds outside, bring some of it on the inside. For that, olive green is a gorgeous natural color to have in kitchen cabinets. Moreover, it is not only for accent walls or base cabinets. You may opt for all green kitchens in the olive shade. In addition, go for brass knobs and black framed windows. Plus, black cone-shaped pendant lights will amplify the entire color scheme. 

Green cabinets, white walls:

Keep in mind that green can be a tricky color to balance in your kitchen. So, the best way to do that is to pair it with white walls. Imagine beautiful green cabinets along with white walls, a white counter, and a white backsplash. Likewise, dark green looks more stunning with white walls. On the contrary, green also looks catchy with black lights and counter. Green cabinets can be too heavy if you leave them monotonous. 

Rustic green space:

Wooden cabinets are a treat to have in your kitchen space. So, opt for a rustic style with dusty green hues. Also, Buy kitchen cabinets for a wooden countertop to complement the rustic theme. Hang a few printed drapes to go well with the farmhouse theme and place small plants as well. 

Green in contrast:

As I said earlier, green is perfect in contrast with light colors. So, pair green with crisp white, black, beige, grey, or pearl white. Moreover, green cabinets with black frames are a firm statement. However, you can always balance the look with under-cabinet lighting and more prominent fixtures. 

Green in beadboard style:

Well, green cabinets in themselves are enough to remark your kitchen. But, if you want to add more style, beadboard cabinet doors are the best catch for you. In addition, it is beautiful and perfect for minimalistic kitchen design. Also, the texture of these green cabinets is full of life when paired with white walls and a white backdrop. Go for black bar stools to design your green kitchen like a pro.

 Summing up:

Indeed, green is a fulfilling color in the home interior. It is a visual treat to have green cabinets that stay forever. These eight green kitchens ideas are sole to help you create your dream kitchen. So, go for the rustic green, Scandinavian green, or sea green for a farmhouse look. Or choose olive green and beadboard style to make a statement kitchen worth the price. Likewise, balance the look by adding a few whites, blacks, and greys to the color scheme. But, ample lighting is a must to achieve this style

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