lotion packaging

It is an established fact that customers first come in contact with the packaging before opening it and seeing the items inside. Therefore, you must emphasize designing the lotion packaging well. In order to achieve better results, do not forget to follow the latest design trends that can prove influential in luring potential customers. Here are the top 8 latest trends which are being adopted by cosmetic businesses widely while designing the lotion packages for their items. 

Simplicity is key:

Minimalism is thriving in many parts of the custom lotion boxes design. This approach is beneficial in drawing the focus of the target audience towards the elements that carry great importance. You would not see anyone bombarding the design with too much visual noise as it is not liked by the customers. Following this trend can make your items get noticed by a large number of people. This way, your design will look uncluttered, which communicates a message to the people that there is nothing hiding behind the busy printed work and graphics. A minimalist style is a right approach that can elevate the experience of clients, and as a result, you will earn more sales. 

Transparent designs:

These days, packaging designers are embracing transparency. Revealing the identity of the products through box style is what the customers demand now. The buyers are getting fed up with seeing false advertisements and wasting their precious money on a product that is not up to their expectations. So, introduce transparency by using a transparent die-cut window on the lid or sides of your box. This way, the people would be able to sneak peek into the cosmetic items before purchasing them. The box style, which reveals the items inside, is not only a great source of attraction but also drives more sales for you. You can also feature some physical cut-outs that reveal the texture of cosmetic products in this regard. 

Intricate patterns:

The use of intricate patterns in the lotion packaging boxes style is getting trendy nowadays. The patterns play a critical role in telling the audience what a product is all about. For a sophisticated look, an intricate pattern such as a chevron can be used. The polka dots patterns, which is a mixture of an array of dots, can also be utilized in this regard. This pattern is mostly seen on the toys and clothes of the children and makes your item look more exciting. However, the art deco patterns are useful if you want to relate your cosmetic items with vintage themes. 

Strategic color selection:

The use of different colors in the lotion packaging boxes design is another thing that is getting quite trendy. The hues that match with the parent theme of a brand are seen as very common in this regard. Not just that, the taste and likings of the target audience are given weightage as well. If the targeted audience is children, sharp and high-saturation colors are preferred. However, for attracting women, the elegant colors work well. The adult males are fascinated more by the darker hues. Also, the different meanings being conveyed and feelings being invoked by certain colors are watched closely. So, make strategic use of hues in your box style so as to captivate the interest of the audience in your items. 

Vintage theme designs:

Vintage elements from the previous years are being used in the lotion packages style. This tactic reminds the people of their beautiful past memories. Not just that, it provides the customers with an opportunity to relive the lovely moments of their past. These elements are a fine way to engage the buyers on an emotional level. One of the key reasons why they are being used by designers is that they establish the authority of the product in the market. So, incorporate the vintage themes into your lotion packages to give them a different feel and look. This can be done by using vintage fonts or manuscript lettering in the design. The utilization of retro color patterns and illustrations can also serve a great purpose in this regard. 

Sustainable packaging design:

The lotion packages are a perfect tool for the sales of the cosmetic product packed inside them. With the growing wave of environmentalism, people are turning gradually conscious about the environment. They know well that once they have consumed the product, the packaging is going to end up in a trash or a dust bin and ultimately into the landfills. Due to this, they are becoming tired of contaminating the planet with wasteful packages. Now, they buy the items in packages that do not add to the overall waste in the landfills. For this reason, the manufacturers are making eco-friendly boxes styles that do not pollute the environment. Follow this trend to make a positive impression on eco-conscious consumers. 

Beautiful typography:

The use of target-oriented typography is getting viral while designing the lotion packages. The typography tells a lot about the brand and the quality of the product inside. So, it is given special attention by using the appropriate font sizes and styles. Select the font sizes and styles that are easy to read for the customers and do not confuse them. If your targeted customers are elders, you should make use of bolder and larger fonts. Doing so will maintain the readability of the printed text and offer convenience to the clients. The font styles, such as script, handwritten, sans serif, etc., are a good choice if you want to offer ease to the buyers while reading the presented information. 

Personal touch:

The designers are adding a personal touch to the lotion packages to impart them a unique look and stand out. You must also think about adding a personal touch by using attractive finishing options such as coatings and laminations on the lotion packages. Matte lamination, which adds a dullish look to your packaging to highlight the visuals, can be a good choice in this regard. The velvet lamination adds elegance and softness to your box and also protects the printed work. Apart from that, gold, silver, or copper foiling works best for adding a personal touch. 

In a nutshell, some key lotion packaging design trends are getting viral in the market these days. Some of them are adopting a minimalistic approach, introducing transparency in the packaging, and use of intricate patterns, etc. The lotion packaging boxes are also design on vintage themes and with graceful colors, which make them look impressive.

By sanket