Now is the time to keep abreast of all the potentially powerful SEO and marketing tasks you’ve had on your back burner. Suppose you are a landscaping business, a family-owned restaurant, a small retail shop, or some other privately-owned company. In that case, you will experience a loss of revenue in the coming months. this time you can make an hit on affordable SEO services.

At the moment, you should follow the WHO guidelines to avoid or at least slow down the spread of infection, as well as to protect your staff and the environment. However, in some ways, you need to continue running your business as normal, and that’s absolutely true when it is about SEO and Digital Marketing. Search SEO service Austin and you will get hundreds of service provider near you.

 why you should do SEO in this pandemic:

  1. Consumers confined to their community are seeking out local businesses.
  2. There is no “bad” time to publish evergreen SEO content, 
  3. The visitors you do attract right now are likely to be highly qualified.
  4. SEO gains are long-term.
  5. Search is only going to be more intense in the consumer’s life
  6. It is free, and you just might have the time.
  • Long-form content: The speed has slowed for many users, and they may be more likely to dig deeper into issues than to swipe through feeds while on their journeys or to take fast action between tasks. Not only is this form of content more likely to be read right now, but it is also a key to SEO success. According to Backlinko, the organic search results ranked on Google’s page; one contains an average of 1,890 words.
  • Target covid-19 related keyword:

On the short-term side of things, one SEO technique is to target patterns to improve your traffic. Wide search terms would have you competing against global and high-level sites like BBC and Forbes, but long-tail, niche-specific coronavirus-related searches will set you up for ranking success.

  • Target trending theme: If coronavirus-specific themes and keywords are still too competitive for your company, consider broader themes that apply across industries, such as ‘virtual,’ ‘in-home,’ ‘DIY’ and ‘indoors.’ For example, this local design and architecture firm will first appear in the ‘virtual design consultation’ search:
  • Try-out free webinars: If you’re always caught up in the field and now freaking out in an empty office waving your thumbs, it’s a perfect time to try out your webinar game.
  • Update your google business profile: Update your hours and company overview, share Google Posts with updates and deals, and make sure your contact information is right if people are trying to reach you.
  • Perform a Mini- audit for the website: Comprehensive SEO auditing is admittedly time-consuming and typically requires a professional contact. You may feel awkward paying for such an audit during these slow times. If that’s the case, you can do a mini one on your own.
  • Start recording video: You can also use videos to create other content forms, such as transcribed posts, audio interviews, and infographics. We have already listed, which is a useful transcription tool.
  • Always try to add your videos to blog posts and upload them to your social media feeds with five to ten quotes.
  • Go analytics to know your customer: You may have accumulated a lot of consumer data over the years that you’ve had very little use for. But you didn’t really have any need for that? Or did you just find the time to examine it? Now, this is the perfect time to sift through your first-party data to get to know your clients.