Candles are used on a variety of occasions as they have become an essential part of celebrations. If you are a candle lover, you must know that they can serve in various ways. Candles have been a versatile option for giveaway purposes, and they also improve your house’s ambiance. Most candle brands make sure that they use secure candle packaging to keep this delicate product safe. As years have passed, candles have moved on from being a utility supply and have become the perfect decoration piece for Christmas and birthday parties. These candles have a unique presence that will fill the moments with more fun and joy. Here are some comprehensive and successful ideas used for candle packaging.

Cylindrical candle boxes

Most of the brands are using cylindrical candle boxes as they are attractive, innovative, and visually appealing at the same time. The packaging companies are manufacturing these boxes in different sizes, colors, and shapes. The round-shaped glass jar candles are a perfect delight for every house. Candles are a symbol of light, illumination, divinity, love, and passion. The obedience and humility will also be highlighted with these candles as they create a perfect ambiance.

It can make your moment romantic, especially when you have a candle light dinner with your partner. Most packaging companies use paperboard, Kraft paper, and cardboard to protect the candles. Custom handmade boxes are also a popular choice for packing these candles with safety. It gives strength to the printing and designing options as the boxes are flexible and easy to mold or fold in various shapes.

Metallic candle packaging

The metallic candle packaging is another successful packaging design that will win the hearts of your customers. Since cardboard is used to packaging these candles to bring some innovation that a made metallic, it has become a new trend in the industry and targeted customers have accepted it. To make them even more interesting, they are personalized with various themes and typography that looks ethereal. There is no fear that the candles will damage or the glass boxes of candles will break while shipping. 

Different types of designs for the metallic boxes will help you present the candles on various occasions and themes. It has been observed that candles are a part of funerals too as it gives a tribute to the dead person. Sometimes glitter, UV, or matte is used to decorate the metallic candle boxes, and the sales of the candles also increase instantly. The best thing is that these boxes don’t require any lamination and are durable. It also offers a separate lid that protects the candles.

Pillow couch candle boxes are another popular choice among brands. There is no doubt that customized packaging will help with branding purposes too. You can get your logo printed on the top or have a personalized tag line featured on the top, and it will elevate your brand to the fullest. These boxes are innovative and reliable and have made the world of packaging useful for the brands. The unique pouches like shapes of these boxes will attract plenty of customers in one go. 

Pillow couch candle boxes

The versatile features and patterns on them will enhance the appeal and sales of your candles. The custom white boxes are also suitable when it comes to gifting away candles to your loved ones. They offer diverse is sizes, so a variety of candles can be packed inside. Feel assured that a large number of candles can be organized well without any difficulty. 

Custom printed candle boxes

If we talk about customization, the custom candle packaging will have an effective, efficient and faster communication with your targeted customers. They can also serve as an advertising and marketing source for the brand. The printed patterns, stickers, and written messages on these boxes will make your brand more recognized among people. It would help if you chose the right color combination for the logo, but a lighter tone can work wonders for the background. If the packaging is sturdy, it will increase the shelf life of candles.

Business perspective

Custom window boxes for candles have proven to be the right choice for enhancing sales. It will also act as a free promotional tool and advertise your candles among people of all ages. With this candle packaging design, you can bring out the actual quality of your scented candles. It has been observed that decorative or scented candles are packed inside these boxes that feature a window. Consumers can take a look at the candle’s quality from the outside and will not take much time to make their purchase decisions. The two-piece set up boxes, drawer style boxes feature magnetic opening and closure that is an effective packaging design for business perspective. The window on the top of the box will seek attention for all types of candles.

Interesting facts

Among plenty of candles, votive is one of the most creative types. It has been getting a lot of attention from customers as they use it on special occasions and themes. These candles work correctly when it comes to decorative purposes at home. If the candles are luxurious, manufactures and retailers opt for unique and creative packaging designs—most people like scented candles as they give fragrance that is pleasant to your nose. 

When you place attractive boxes on the countertop, customers will be tempted to buy these lucrative candles for decorating their house. Solid colorful base and a clear plastic paper top have an aura and appeal that is difficult to beat. Being a candle retailer, you need to have various custom handmade and window boxes that can communicate with your customers when you are not present in the retail shop.

What are candle boxes made of?

Candle boxes are made of cardboard, Kraft, and paper to protect the quality of candles for a long time. They are easy to access and cost-effective too.

What is the significance of candle packaging?

Candle packaging plays an important role when it comes to branding and advertising. It also protects the candles against damages.