A Great Combination of Luxury Tour with Amber Fort

When we start planning our trip to Jaipur in 2022, we start reading about the places to visit. Amer Fort seems to be a name that is undoubtedly on top everywhere. The more we read about it, the more excited we are to visit this place. So we planned to visit this place on our first day in Jaipur during our recent trip with Golden Triangle India Tour Package. Here in this article a great combination of luxury tour with Amber Fort.

Road to Amer

Amer or Amber is a small town of 4 square kilometers near Jaipur. It is currently under the Jaipur Municipal Corporation. However, in the past it was one of the prosperous, glorious empires of India (as seen from the Mighty Fort). More about Amer here. We left our house around 10 am and reached Amer Fort after about an hour’s drive. At the last stretch of the road, turning towards the Aravali Ranges, we got our first glimpse of the sprawling grounds of Amer Fort, behind the imposing walls that provided the fort’s protection. You want to explore Jaipur and places around Amer, So, you can opt for Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package.

For a convenient visit to Amer Fort

How to visit, when to visit

Try to visit the fort early in the morning, as soon as it opens to the public (around 9:00 AM). Later, you will be able to pray and enter the temple of Sila Devi.

You can also take a bus from Jaipur to Amer, although a taxi would be more convenient in the heat of the day.

And you can buy your tickets at the entrance of the fort or you can buy a joint ticket with other Jaipur monuments and palaces at Hawa Mahal, which is valid for 2 days.

More information about castle timings, tickets and more can be found here.

Get a certified guide to take you around and do your homework before you go to the castle so you can see and hear the right facts.

Also, very close to the fort is the Anokhi Handprint Museum, which is closed on Mondays. We visited on Monday so we couldn’t visit here. It seemed interesting to me, I wanted to go there.

There’s a light and sound show in the evening, so if you’re interested, time your visit accordingly, in the afternoon.

If you come here in the morning, you can ride an elephant from the foot of the mountain to the entrance of the fort. This is available until 12:00 p.m. However, I refrain from taking this opportunity, I do not want to disturb the poor creature.

Also, on the way back, you can visit some government emporiums or shops. There is no compulsion to buy anything. You can check the products. The number of footfalls for these stores is visible. On the way back we were shown the original hand block printing in one of the shops which was interesting to learn.

What to Wear, What To Carry

Wear comfortable cotton clothes. We tend to wear sleeveless or half-sleeve shirts when it’s hot. Do this only if you want to get a good dose of tanning, as you will often be walking around outdoor courtyards and gardens under the blazing sun.

Carry water and canned juice with you, especially if you are traveling with children. You tend to sweat a lot and there is almost no water inside the palace until you get to the rest area.

Also, carry some snacks with you for a quick bite. After leaving Amer Fort, we wanted to have lunch, but we didn’t see any full options until we reached our next destination, Nahargarh Fort. As a result we had a late lunch at the Nahargarh food court. I will write about it soon. There are fast food outlets in the Amer Fort area and several small hotels nearby.

If you enter through Suraj Paul and exit near the ship (as we did), you’ll find a fee and use restrooms if you need to visit.

Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Tips

  • This is only for those traveling with babies and children.
  • Also, You must have a hat for them.
  • Also carry a water bottle and snacks and offer them a water bowl regularly so they stay hydrated.
  • And you can buy them a case of juice that they can sip from a straw.
  • Depending on the exit, use the toilet for them if yours is toilet trained. (Actually ours!).
  • Make them wear comfortable cotton cloths and comfortable sand or shoes.
  • And cover their arms and legs (use long sleeves and full-length pants) so they don’t get tanned.
  • PS: Before visiting Amer Fort we read wikipedia and few blog posts. Later this helped to increase our knowledge and our desire to visit this place even more. In particular, we loved this post by Ami Bhat, reading it made us almost feel like we were visiting the fort with her.

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